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2014-11A Degradation-Informed Battery-Swapping Policy for Fleets of Electric or Hybrid-Electric VehiclesAlmuhtady, Ahmad; Lee, Seungchul; Romeijn, Edwin; Wynblatt, Michael; Ni, JunARTICLE1133
2018-02Deep learning applications in manufacturing: Sound-based fault detection and human motion recognitionLee, Seungchul; Kim, SuhyunMaster's thesis1011
2016-11-15Deep Learning based Diagnostics for Rotating Machinery on Orbit AnalysisJeong, Haedong; Park, Seungtae; Lee, SeungchulCONFERENCE152
2016-10-05Deep Learning based Diagnostics of Orbit Patterns in rotating machineryJeong, Haedong; Woo, Sunhee; Kim, Suhyun; Park, Seungtae; Kim, Heechang; Lee, SeungchulCONFERENCE186
2013-10Discovery of hidden maintenance opportunities in automotive assembly lines: MOW and GMOWLee, Seungchul; Gu, Xi; Garcellano, Mark; Diederichs, Mark; Ni, JunARTICLE787
2017-07Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Single- and Dual-material 3D Printed ProductsKim, Heechang; Park, Eunju; Kim, Suhyun; Park, Bumsoo; Kim, Namhun; Lee, SeungchulARTICLE331
2012Genetic Algorithm for Job Scheduling with Maintenance Consideration in Semiconductor Manufacturing ProcessLee, Seungchul; Ni, JunARTICLE887
2013-09Hidden maintenance opportunities in discrete and complex production linesGu, Xi; Lee, Seungchul; Liang, Xinran; Garcellano, Mark; Diederichs, Mark; Ni, JunARTICLE812
2012-11Independent component analysis based source number estimation and its comparison for mechanical systemsCheng, Wei; Lee, Seungchul; Zhang, Zhousuo; He, ZhengjiaARTICLE1057
2014-10Investigations of denoising source separation technique and its application to source separation and identification of mechanical vibration signalsCheng, Wei; Zhang, Zhousuo; Lee, Seungchul; He, ZhengjiaARTICLE875
2013-05Joint decision making for maintenance and production scheduling of production systemsLee, Seungchul; Ni, JunARTICLE861
2016-12-16Machine Learning and Data Visualization in ManufacturingLee, SeungchulCONFERENCE130
2017-02Machine Learning Toolbox and PCA Visualization for Data-Driven PHMLee, Seungchul; Woo, SunheeMaster's thesis920
2014-03Markov chain modelling analysis of HIV/AIDS progression: A race-based forecast in the United StatesLee, Seungchul; Ko, J.; Tan, X.; Patel, I.; Balkrishnan, R.; Chang, J.ARTICLE810
2013-06Markov-Based Maintenance Planning Considering Repair Time and Periodic InspectionLee, Seungchul; Li, Lin; Ni, JunARTICLE824
2014-05Matching pursuit of an adaptive impulse dictionary for bearing fault diagnosisCui, Lingli; Wang, Jing; Lee, SeungchulARTICLE1047
2018-02Mechanical Properties Assessment and Reliability Verification for FDM 3D Printed ProductsLee, Seungchul; Kim, Hee-ChangMaster's thesis798
2014-12Modified iterative aggregation procedure for maintenance optimisation of multi-component systems with failure interactionZhang, Zhuoqi; Wu, Su; Lee, Seungchul; Ni, JunARTICLE979
2015-04(n, N) type maintenance policy for multi-component systems with failure interactionsZhang, Z.; Wu, S.; Li, B.; Lee, SeungchulARTICLE1041
2010-04Online Degradation Assessment and Adaptive Fault Detection Using Modified Hidden Markov ModelLee, Seungchul; Li, Lin; Ni, JunARTICLE855
Showing results 1 to 20 of 30