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2021-12-02A Case Study of Scenario Optimization Framework for Dynamic PSA in Small Loss of Coolant AccidentPark, Jong Woo; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE153
2021-02A convolutional neural network model for abnormality diagnosis in a nuclear power plantLee, Gyumin; Lee, Seung Jun; Lee, ChangyongARTICLE326
2007A dynamic neural network aggregation model for transient diagnosis in nuclear power plantsMo, Kun; Lee, Seung Jun; Seong, Poong HyunARTICLE666
2020-12-17A Dynamic PSA Framework Based on System Performance through Thermal-Hydraulic SimulationPark, Jong Woo; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE235
2020-11-30A Framework for Dynamic PSA using System Performance-based Surrogate MethodPark, Jong Woo; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE167
2018-03-14A Framework for Risk Assessment of Cyber-attacks on Nuclear Power PlantPark, Jong Woo; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE146
2021-11-16A Framework of Evaluation for Intelligent Initial Emergency Response Support System in NPPsKang, Jung Sung; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE80
2014-11A Guideline to HRA Data Collection from SimulationsPark, Jinkyun; Choi, Sunyong; Kim, Seung Hwan; Kim, Yochan; Lee, Seung Jun; Jung, Wondea; Yang, Joon EonARTICLE402
2019-02-11A human error detection system in nuclear power plant operationsAhn, Jeeyea; Bae, Junyong; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE439
2019-07-28A model for automatically detecting and classifying human errors with procedural basis in nuclear power plantsAhn, Jeeyea; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE166
2007-10A neural network based operation guidance system for procedure presentation and operation validation in nuclear power plantsMo, Kun; Lee, Seung Jun; Seong, Poong HyunARTICLE548
2021-12-02A novel analytic tool providing a graded approach to safety culture attributeAhn, Jeeyea; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE138
2020-11-01A Procedure Performing System Using Deep Learning Algorithm for Nuclear Power PlantAhn, Jeeyea; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE146
2021-10-21A Quantification Method Evaluating Difficulty of Safety Culture FactorsAhn, Jeeyea; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE74
2020-07A quantitative assessment framework for cyber-attack scenarios on nuclear power plants using relative difficulty and consequencePark, Jong Woo; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE403
2020-11A Sensor Fault-Tolerant Accident Diagnosis SystemChoi, Jeonghun; Lee, Seung JunARTICLE287
2019-10-25Abnormal sensor detection using consistency index in accident situationChoi, Junghun; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE185
2022-05-19Abnormal State Detection Model Using Deep One-Class Classification in Nuclear Power PlantCho, Seung Gyu; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE13
2019-10-25Abnormal State Diagnosis about Actual Sensor Data with NoiseShin, Ji Hyun; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE181
2021-11-26Abnormal State Diagnosis Based on Important Parameters Using Explainable ModelShin, Ji Hyeon; Lee, Seung JunCONFERENCE140
Showing results 1 to 20 of 176