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2023-01A Machine Learning Approach Reveals a Microbiota Signature for Infection with Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in CattleLee, Sang-Mok; Park, Hong-Tae; Park, Seojoung; Lee, Jun Ho; Kim, Danil; Yoo, Han Sang; Kim, DonghyukARTICLE157
2023-01Characterization of Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteriophages, KP1 and KP12, with deep learning-based structure predictionKim, Youngju; Lee, Sang-Mok; Nong, Linh Khanh; Kim, Jaehyung; Kim, Seung Bum; Kim, DonghyukARTICLE198
2023-01ChEAP: ChIP-exo analysis pipeline and the investigation of Escherichia coli RpoN protein-DNA interactionsBang, Ina; Nong, Linh Khanh; Park, Joon Young; Le, Hoa Thi; Lee, Sang-Mok; Kim, DonghyukARTICLE228
2023-03Deep-learning optimized DEOCSU suite provides an iterable pipeline for accurate ChIP-exo peak callingBang, Ina; Lee, Sang-Mok; Park, Seojoung; Park, Joon Young; Nong, Linh Khanh; Gao, Ye; Palsson, Bernhard O; Kim, DonghyukARTICLE290
2022-09Delineating transcriptional crosstalk between Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis and human THP-1 cells at the early stage of infection via dual RNA-seq analysisPark, Hong-Tae; Lee, Sang-Mok; Ko, Seyoung; Kim, Suji; Park, Hyun-Eui; Shin, Min-Kyoung; Kim, Donghyuk; Yoo, Han SangARTICLE224
2007-01Discharge characteristics of a mercury free flat fluorescent lamp without the dielectric layersLee, Sang-Mok; Chung, Kyu-Yong; Sohn, Sang-Ho; Jeong, Byoung-Hyun; Jeong, Yun-Cheol; Kwak, Min-Gi; Park, Lee-SoonARTICLE890
2023-01Model-driven experimental design workflow expands understanding of regulatory role of Nac in Escherichia coliPark, Joon Young; Lee, Sang-Mok; Ebrahim, Ali; Scott-Nevros, Zoe K; Kim, Jaehyung; Yang, Laurence; Sastry, Anand; Seo, Sang Woo; Palsson, Bernhard O; Kim, DonghyukARTICLE159
2022-09Pan-genome Analysis Reveals Comparative Genomic Features of Central Metabolic Pathways in Methylorubrum extorquensLee, Gyu Min; Scott-, NevrosZoe K.; Lee, Sang-Mok; Kim, DonghyukARTICLE263
2008-01Simple synthesis of functionalized superparamagnetic magnetite/silica core/shell nanoparticles and their application as magnetically separable high-performance biocatalystsLee, Jinwoo; Lee, Youjin; Youn, Jong Kyu; Bin Na, Hyon; Yu, Taekyung; Kim, Hwan; Lee, Sang-Mok; Koo, Yoon-Mo; Kwak, Ja Hun; Park, Hyun Gyu; Chang, Ho Nam; Hwang, Misun; Park, Je-Geun; Kim, Jungbae; Hyeon, TaeghwanARTICLE1178
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9