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2019-06-12Actively controllable drop bouncing behavior and robust anti-icing property of a magnetic-responsive hair arrayLee, Sang-Hyeon; Seong, Minho; Ko, Hyunwook; Kang, Minsu; Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE23
2020-11-15Antifouling Nanostructure with Phosphorylcholine Grafted to Cellulose Acetate for Eco-friendly and Sustainable StrategyPark, Seongjin; Jeong, Hoon Eui; Sun, Kahyun; Choi, Geonjun; Kang, Minsu; Jang, Hyejin; Hwang, Insol; Lee, Sang-Hyeon; Seong, Minho; Kim, JaeilCONFERENCE69
2019-11-13Bio-inspired patch for liquid dug deliveryJeong, Hoon Eui; Ko, Hangil; Lee, Sang-Hyeon; Yi, Hoon; Bae, Won-GyuCONFERENCE21
2018-12Hybrid Architectures of Heterogeneous Carbon Nanotube Composite Microstructures Enable Multiaxial Strain Perception with High Sensitivity and Ultrabroad Sensing RangeSun, Kahyun; Ko, Hangil; Park, Hyun-Ha; Seong, Minho; Lee, Sang-Hyeon; Yi, Hoon; Park, Hyung Wook; Kim, Tae-il; Pang, Changhyun; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE466
2018-12-14Magnetic-responsive Hair Array with Controllable Drop Bouncing Dyamics and Robust Anti-icing PerformanceLee, Sang-Hyeon; Seong, Minho; Kwak, Moon Kyu; Ko, Hyunwook; Kang, Minsu; Yi, Hoon; Park, Hyung Wook; Kang, Seong Min; Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE71
2018-08Multifunctional Smart Skin Adhesive Patches for Advanced Health CareHwang, Insol; Kim, Hong Nam; Seong, Minho; Lee, Sang-Hyeon; Kang, Minsu; Yi, Hoon; Bae, Won Gyu; Kwak, Moon Kyu; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE596
2019-11-13Multimodal drop bouncing behaviors of bioinspired magnetically reponsive hairJeong, Hoon Eui; Lee, Sang-Hyeon; Seong, Minho; Ko, Hyunwook; Kang, MinsuCONFERENCE17
2020-11-15Self-attachable Flexible Transparent Electrodes with Robust Mechanical Adhesion and low Contact ResistanceSeong, Minho; Jeong, Hoon Eui; Hwang, Insol; Lee, Joosung; Sun, Kahyun; Lee, Sang-Hyeon; Kang, Minsu; Jang, Hyejin; Choi, Geonjun; Kim, Jaeil; Park, SeongjinCONFERENCE101
2019-07Snake fang-inspired stamping patch for transdermal delivery of liquid formulationsBae, Won-Gyu; Ko, Hangil; So, Jin-Young; Yi, Hoon; Lee, Chan-Ho; Lee, Dong-Hun; Ahn, Yujin; Lee, Sang-Hyeon; Lee, Kyunghun; Jun, Joonha; Kim, Hyoung-Ho; Jeon, Noo Li; Jung, Woonggyu; Song, Chang-Seon; Kim, Taesung; Kim, Yeu-Chun; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE870
2018-11Tunable Multimodal Drop Bouncing Dynamics and Anti-Icing Performance of a Magnetically Responsive Hair ArrayLee, Sang-Hyeon; Seong, Minho; Kwak, Moon Kyu; Ko, Hyunwook; Kang, Minsu; Park, Hyung Wook; Kang, Seong Min; Jeong, Hoon EuiARTICLE434
2020-12-17셀룰로오스와 2-메타크릴로일록세틸인포릴콜린을 이용한 친환경적이고 지속가능한 항균성 표면기술Kang, Minsu; Sun, Kahyun; Choi, Geonjun; Park, Seongjin; Kim, Jaeil; Seong, Minho; Hwang, Insol; Jang, Hyejin; Lee, Sang-Hyeon; Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE35
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11