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1998-05-16Activation of phospholipase D1 by direct interaction with ADP-riboslation factor1 and RalASuh, Pann-Ghill; Kim, JH; Lee, SD; Han, JM; Lee, TG; Kim, Y; Park, JB; Lambeth, JD; Ryu, SHCONFERENCE149
1997-12Cloning and characterization of cDNAs encoding V-H and V-L of a monoclonal anti-CEA antibody (CEA 79) cross-reactive with NCA-95 and generation of a single-chain Fv molecule (scFv)Chung, JH; Choi, SJ; Him, HJ; Kim, IJ; Choi, IH; Lee, SD; Yi, KS; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, SH; Chung, HKARTICLE603
2002-06Dimerization is required for phosphorylation and DNA binding of TonEBP/NFAT5Lee, SD; Woo, SK; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE749
2000Extinction of strained premixed flames of hydrogen/air/steam mixture: Local equilibrium temperature and local equivalence ratioYoo, Chun Sang; Lee, SD; Chung, SHARTICLE792
2000-05Hydrogen peroxide-induced phospholipase D-2 activation in lymphocytic leukemic L1210 cellsLee, BD; Kim, JH; Lee, SD; Kim, Y; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, SHARTICLE750
2002-05Mouse TonEBP-NFAT5: expression in early development and alternative splicingMaouyo, D; Kim, JY; Lee, SD; Wu, YH; Woo, SK; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE777
2003-02New mechanistic insight into the coupling reactions CO2 and epoxides in the presence of zinc complexesKim, HS; Kim, JJ; Lee, SD; Lah, Myoung Soo; Moon, D; Jang, HGARTICLE722
1999-03Phospholipase D1 in caveolae: Regulation by protein kinase C alpha and caveolin-1Kim, JH; Han, JM; Lee, S; Kim, Y; Lee, TG; Park, JB; Lee, SD; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, SHARTICLE648
2002-03Phosphorylation-dependent regulation of phospholipase D2 by protein kinase C delta in rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cellsHan, JM; Kim, JH; Lee, BD; Lee, SD; Kim, Y; Jung, YW; Lee, S; Cho, W; Ohba, M; Kuroki, T; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, SHARTICLE725
1999-07Selective activation of phospholipase D-2 by unsaturated fatty acidKim, JH; Kim, Y; Lee, SD; Lopez, I; Arnold, RS; Lambeth, JD; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, SHARTICLE794
2003-02Silencing of TonEBP/NFAT5 transcriptional activator by RNA interferenceNa, KY; Woo, SK; Lee, SD; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE847
2006-01TonEBP is inhibited by RNA helicase A via interaction involving the E ' F loopColla, E; Lee, SD; Sheen, MR; Woo, SK; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE752
2002-08TonEBP transcriptional activator in the cellular response to increased osmolalityWoo, SK; Lee, SD; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE955
2002-08TonEBP/NFAT5 stimulates transcription of HSP70 in response to hypertonicityWoo, SK; Lee, SD; Na, KY; Park, WK; Kwon, H. MooARTICLE782
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14