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2008-10A moist benchmark calculation for atmospheric general circulation modelsLee, Myong-In; Suarez, Max J.; Kang, In-Sik; Held, Isaac M.; Kim, DaehyunARTICLE632
2013-10A Physical Basis for the Probabilistic Prediction of the Accumulated Tropical Cyclone Kinetic Energy in the Western North PacificKim, Hye-Mi; Lee, Myong-In; Webster, Peter J.; Kim, Dongmin; Yoo, Jin HoARTICLE626
2016-11Accidental benzene release risk assessment in an urban area using an atmospheric dispersion modelTruong, Son C.H.; Lee, Myong-In; Kim, Ganghan; Kim, Dongmin; Park, Jong-Hwa; Choi, Sung-Deuk; Cho, Gi-HyougARTICLE788
2003-11AGCM simulations of intraseasonal variability associated with the Asian summer monsoonWaliser, DE; Jin, K; Kang, IS; Stern, WF; Schubert, SD; Wu, MLC; Lau, KM; Lee, Myong-In; Krishnamurthy, V; Kitoh, A; Meehl, GA; Galin, VY; Satyan, V; Mandke, SK; Wu, G; Liu, Y; Park, CKARTICLE569
2007-06An analysis of the warm-season diurnal cycle over the continental united states and northern Mexico in general circulation modelsLee, Myong-In; Schubert, Siegfried D.; Suarez, Max J.; Held, Isaac M.; Lau, Ngar-Cheung; Ploshay, Jeffrey J.; Kumar, Arun; Kim, Hyun-Kyung; Schemm, Jae-Kyung E.ARTICLE657
2017-08An Examination of Convective Parameterizations Using a Cloud-Resolving ModelLee, Myong-In; Kim, Sung-YoonMaster's thesis379
2009-12Application of MJO Simulation Diagnostics to Climate ModelsKim, D.; Sperber, K.; Stern, W.; Waliser, D.; Kang, I. -S.; Maloney, E.; Wang, W.; Weickmann, K.; Benedict, J.; Khairoutdinov, M.; Lee, Myong-In; Neale, R.; Suarez, M.; Thayer-Calder, K.; Zhang, G.ARTICLE604
2008-06Assessing the skill of an all-season statistical forecast model for the Madden-Julian oscillationJiang, Xianan; Waliser, Duane E.; Wheeler, Matthew C.; Jones, Charles; Lee, Myong-In; Schuert, Siegfried D.ARTICLE507
2015-05Changes in weather and climate extremes over Korea and possible causes: A reviewMin, Seung-Ki; Son, Seok-Woo; Seo, Kyong-Hwan; Kug, Jong-Seong; An, Soon-Il; Choi, Yong-Sang; Jeong, Jee-Hoon; Kim, Baek-Min; Kim, Ji-Won; Kim, Yeon-Hee; Lee, June-Yi; Lee, Myong-InARTICLE610
2007-02Characteristics of diurnal and seasonal cycles in global monsoon systemsLau, William K. M.; Kim, Kyu-Myong; Lee, Myong-InARTICLE503
2017-07Cloud Radiative Effects and Changes Simulated by the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 ModelsShin, Sun-Hee; Kim, Ok-Yeon; Kim, Dongmin; Lee, Myong-InARTICLE534
2017-07CO2 concentration and its spatiotemporal variation in the troposphere using multi-sensor satellite data, carbon tracker, and aircraft observationsLee, Sanggyun; Kim, Dongmin; Im, Jungho; Lee, Myong-In; Park, Young-GyuARTICLE734
2019-08Data Assimilation of Remote Sensing Soil Moisture Retrievals with Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter SchemeLee, Myong-In; Seo, EunkyoDoctoral thesis104
2020-02Decadal Changes in the Interannual Variability of Heatwaves in East Asia Caused by Atmospheric Teleconnection ChangesChoi, Nakbin; Lee, Myong-In; Cha, Dong-Hyun; Lim, Young-Kwon; Kim, Kyu-MyongARTICLE121
2019-11Decadal changes in the leading patterns of sea level pressure in the Arctic and their impacts on the sea ice variability in boreal summerChoi, Nakbin; Kim, Kyu-Myong; Lim, Young-Kwon; Lee, Myong-InARTICLE204
2015-07Detection of Convective Initiation Using Meteorological Imager Onboard Communication, Ocean, and Meteorological Based on Machine Learning ApproachesHan, Hyangsun; Lee, Sanggyun; Im, Jungho; Kim, Miae; Lee, Myong-In; Ahn, Myoung Hwan; Chung, Sung-RaeARTICLE712
2017-05Detection of deterministic and probabilistic convection initiation using Himawari-8 Advanced Himawari Imager dataLee, Sanggyun; Han, Hyangsun; Im, Jungho; Jang, Eunna; Lee, Myong-InARTICLE462
2016-09Detection of tropical cyclone genesis via quantitative satellite ocean surface wind pattern and intensity analyses using decision treesPark, Myung-Sook; Kim, Minsang; Lee, Myong-In; Im, Jungho; Park, SeonyoungARTICLE494
2017-07Detection of tropical overshooting cloud tops using himawari-8 imageryKim, Miae; Im, Jungho; Park, Haemi; Park, Seonyoung; Lee, Myong-In; Ahn, Myoung-HwanARTICLE581
2017-08Development of New Earth System Model and Investigation of the Impacts of Vegetation on Hydrological Cycle Using Developed ESMLee, Myong-In; Kim, DongminDoctoral thesis612
Showing results 1 to 20 of 83