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2019-08-18Comparison of margins of sodium bulk boiling and reactor vessel creep under RVACs operation by micro-integral effect testLee, M; Bang, In Cheol; Jerng, DWCONFERENCE50
2015-00Floating Electrode Sensor based on CNT-FET for the Detection of DNAsLee, M; Kim, B; Lee, J; Namgung, Seon; Kim, J; Park, JY; Lee, MS; Hong, SCONFERENCE28
2006-00Large-Scale Carbon Nanotube Patterns for Directed Growth of Mesenchymal Stem CellsPark, SY; Namgung, Seon; Lee, M; Lee, BY; Im, J; Myung, S; Kim, B; Byun, KE; Nam, JM; Hong, S; Kim, J; Park, SY; Lee, KB; Sun, K; Park, YCONFERENCE40
2005-00Massive Nano-Assembly Method for Integrated Device Structures Based on Nanotubes and NanowiresNamgung, Seon; Im, J; Myung, S; Lee, M; Byun, K; Hong, S; Park, J; Seong, MJCONFERENCE31
2008-00Selective Cell Growth on Fibronectin-Carbon Nanotube Hybrid NanostructuresNamgung, Seon; Park, SY; Lee, BY; Lee, M; Hong, SCONFERENCE38
2004-05Self-assembling molecular trees containing octa-p-phenylene: From nanocrystals to nanocapsulesYoo, YS; Choi, JH; Song, JH; Nam-Keun, H; Zin, WC; Park, Soojin; Chang, TY; Lee, MARTICLE524
2004-07Supramolecular reactor from self-assembly of rod-coil molecule in aqueous environmentLee, M; Jang, CJ; Ryu, JHARTICLE440
2004-11Synthesis and supramolecular nanostructure of amphiphilic rigid aromatic-flexible dendritic block moleculesJang, CJ; Ryu, JH; Lee, JD; Sohn, D; Lee, MARTICLE445
2011-00Wide Contact Structures for Low-noise Nano-channel Devices based on Carbon Nanotube NetworkLee, H; Lee, M; Namgung, Seon; Hong, SCONFERENCE46
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9