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2009-08A gigahertz-range spin-wave filter composed of width-modulated nanostrip magnonic-crystal waveguidesKim, Sang-Koog; Lee, Ki-Suk; Han, Dong-SooARTICLE672
2017-07A highly-efficient, concentrating-photovoltaic/thermoelectric hybrid generatorKil, Tae-Hyeon; Kim, Sanghyeon; Jeong, Dae-Han; Geum, Dae-Myeong; Lee, Sooseok; Jung, Sung-Jin; Kim, Sangtae; Park, Chan; Kim, Jin-Sang; Baik, Jeong Min; Lee, Ki-Suk; Kim, Chang Zoo; Choi, Won Jun; Baek, Seung-HyubARTICLE944
2018-11-22A Limited Prediction of Maximum Energy Product from the Magnetization Hysteresis LoopKim, Namkyu; Han, Hee-Sung; Lee, Ki-SukCONFERENCE8
2019-04-25A Restricted Prediction of Maximum Energy Product from the Magnetic Hysteresis LoopKim, Namkyu; Han, Hee-Sung; Lee, Ki-SukCONFERENCE27
2005-05An interface-proximity model for switchable interfacial uncompensated antiferromagnetic spins and their role in exchange biasLee, Ki-Suk; Yu, YS; Kim, SKARTICLE602
2003-11Atomic-scale depth selectivity of soft x-ray resonant Kerr effectLee, Ki-Suk; Kim, SK; Kortright, JBARTICLE595
2018-07-03Atomistic Simulations on Dynamics of a Magnetic Skyrmion: Role of Atomic Defects in the Breathing ModeKim, Namkyu; Han, Hee-Sung; Jung, Daehan; Lee, Ki-SukCONFERENCE11
2018-07-25Breathing Modes of a Magnetic Skyrmion on a Defective SurfaceKim, Namkyu; Han, Hee-Sung; Jung, Dae-Han; Lee, Ki-SukCONFERENCE15
2015-05-12Chaotic dynamics triggering stochastic formation of magnetic vortex structures in asymmetric permalloy disks.Im, Mi-Young; Lee, Ki-Suk; Vogel, A; Hong, Jung-il; Meier, G; Fischer, PCONFERENCE8
2015-07-08Chaotic dynamics triggering stochastic vortex formation in asymmetric magnetic disksLee, Ki-SukCONFERENCE7
2020-07-19Chirality dependence on the dynamical deformation of three-dimensional magnetic vortex structureHan, Hee-Sung; Lee, Sooseok; Jung, Dae-Han; Kang, Myeonghwan; Lee, Ki-SukCONFERENCE18
2013-10Comment on "Physical Origin and Generic Control of Magnonic Band Gaps of Dipole-Exchange Spin Waves in Width-Modulated Nanostrip Waveguides" ReplyLee, Ki-Suk; Han, Dong-Soo; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE736
2008-09Conceptual design of spin wave logic gates based on a Mach-Zehnder-type spin wave interferometer for universal logic functionsLee, Ki-Suk; Kim, Sang-KoogARTICLE651
2015-04-23Control of a chaos in a dynamic formation of magnetic vortex structuresHan, Hee-Sung; Lee, Su-Seok; Jung, Dae-Han; Im, Mi-Young; Hong, Jung-Il; Fischer, Peter; Lee, Ki-SukCONFERENCE7
2019-11-07Control of an Asymmetric Bloch Wall in a Ferromagnetic Rectangular DiskLee, Suseok; Han, Hee-Sung; Kang, Myeonghwan; Ok, Hye-Jin; Im, Mi-Young; Lee, Ki-SukCONFERENCE14
2019-12-10Control of an Internal Structure of 180 Degree Magnetic Domain WallLee, Sooseok; Han, Hee-Sung; Kang, Myeonghwan; Ok, Hye-Jin; Im, Mi-Young; Lee, Ki-SukCONFERENCE23
2015-07-06Control of chaos in magnetic vortex structure formationLee, Ki-Suk; Han, Hee-Sung; Lee, Su-Suk; Im, Mi-Young; Fischer, PeterCONFERENCE11
2016-11-02Control of Deterministic Chaos in a Nucleation of a Magnetic VortexHan, Hee-Sung; Lee, Sooseok; Jung, Dae-Han; IM, Mi-Young; Hong, Jung-Il; Fischer, Peter; Lee, Ki-SukCONFERENCE8
2018-11-23Controlling the configuration and creation of magnetic skyrmions by various manipulation techniques studied based on full-field soft X-ray microscopyIm, Mi-young; Je, Soong-Geun; Chao, Weilun; Lee, Ki-Suk; Hong, Jung-ilCONFERENCE7
2019-12Creation and annihilation of topological meron pairs in in-plane magnetized filmsGao, N.; Je, S. -G.; Im, M. -Y.; Choi, J. W.; Yang, M.; Li, Q.; Wang, T. Y.; Lee, S.; Han, H. -S.; Lee, Ki-Suk; Chao, W.; Hwang, C.; Li, J.; Qiu, Z. Q.ARTICLE210
Showing results 1 to 20 of 182