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2002-04A Chinese cabbage cDNA with high sequence identity to phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidases encodes a novel isoform of thioredoxin-dependent peroxidaseJung, BG; Lee, KO; Lee, SS; Chi, YH; Jang, HH; Kang, SS; Lee, K; Lim, D; Yoon, SC; Yun, DJ; Inoue, Y; Cho, Moo Je; Lee, SYARTICLE979
2015-10-23A Conceptual Framework of Presence and its Relevant ConceptsKyung, Gyouhyung; Yi, J; Im, J; Jeon, S; Lee, K; Lee, S; Lee, S; Jang, H; Go, HCONFERENCE170
2003-12An updated anthropogenic CO(2) inventory in the Atlantic oceanLee, K; Choi, Sung-Deuk; Park, GH; Wanninkhof, R; Peng, TH; Key, RM; Sabine, CL; Feely, RA; Bullister, JL; Millero, FJ; Kozyr, AARTICLE947
2005-02Band gap sensitivity of bromine adsorption at carbon nanotubesPark, Noejung; Miyamoto, Y; Lee, K; Choi, WI; Ihm, J; Yu, JJ; Han, SWARTICLE884
2004-10Characterization of DNA immobilization and subsequent hybridization using in situ quartz crystal microbalance, fluorescence spectroscopy, and surface plasmon resonanceCho, Yoon-Kyoung; Kim, S; Kim, YA; Lim, HK; Lee, K; Yoon, DS; Lim, G; Pak, YE; Ha, TH; Kim, KARTICLE994
1996-11Collisional mixing among the z(3)D(J) and z(3)F(J) states of Fe atoms in He and ArGoo, JS; Lee, K; Bae, SC; Ku, JKARTICLE293
1998-05Collisional quenching of Ga(5p) atoms by H-2, D-2 and CH4Lee, K; Son, HS; Bae, SC; Ku, JKARTICLE274
2005-05Color tuning in polymer light-emitting diodes via various chromophore pendants on a polyurethane backboneKim, Jin Young; Park, SH; Lee, KARTICLE755
2002-12Color-tunable electroluminescent polymers by substitutents on the poly(p-phenylenevinylene) derivatives for light-emitting diodesJin, SH; Kang, SY; Yeom, IS; Kim, Jin Young; Park, SH; Lee, K; Gal, YS; Cho, HNARTICLE855
2000-06Conjugated polymer/fullerene composites as a new class of optoelectronic material: Application to organic photovoltaic cellsKim, H; Kim, Jin Young; Lee, K; Shin, J; Cha, MS; Lee, SE; Suh, H; Ha, CSARTICLE792
2003-09Design, synthesis, and electroluminescent property of CN-poly(dihexylfluorenevinylene) for LEDsJin, Y; Ju, J; Kim, J; Lee, S; Kim, Jin Young; Park, SH; Son, SM; Jin, SH; Lee, K; Suh, HARTICLE812
2005-10Determination of diapycnal diffusion rates in the upper thermocline in the North Atlantic Ocean using sulfur hexafluorideKim, DO; Lee, K; Choi, Sung-Deuk; Kang, HS; Zhang, JZ; Chang, YSARTICLE929
2005-05Electroluminescence in polymer-fullerene photovoltaic cellsKim, H; Kim, Jin Young; Park, SH; Lee, K; Jin, Y; Kim, J; Suh, HARTICLE766
2002-03Energetics of large carbon clusters: Crossover from fullerenes to nanotubesPark, Noejung; Lee, K; Han, SW; Yu, JJ; Ihm, JARTICLE777
2006-03Face-driven corner-linked octahedral nanocages: M6L8 cages formed by C-3-symmetric triangular facial ligands linked via C-4-symmetric square tetratopic Pd-II ions at truncated octahedron cornersMoon, D; Kang, S; Park, J; Lee, K; John, RP; Won, H; Seong, GH; Kim, YS; Kim, GH; Rhee, H; Lah, Myoung SooARTICLE1209
2005-07High-efficiency bipolar electroluminescent polymer containing an oxadiazole pendant groupKim, Jin Young; Park, SH; Lee, K; Jin, SHARTICLE823
2004-03High-efficiency poly(p-phenylenevinylene)-based copolymers containing an oxadiazole pendant group for light-emitting diodesJin, SH; Kim, MY; Kim, Jin Young; Lee, K; Gal, YSARTICLE808
2005-02Highly enantioselective epoxidation of 2.4-diarylenones by using dimeric cinchona phase-transfer catalysts: Enhancement of enantioselectivity by surfactantsJew, S; Lee, JH; Jeong, BS; Yoo, MS; Kim, MJ; Lee, YJ; Lee, J; Choi, SH; Lee, K; Lah, Myoung Soo; Park, HARTICLE867
2004-05HPLC and MALDI-TOF MS analysis of highly branched polystyrene: Resolution enhancement by branchingIm, K; Park, Soojin; Cho, D; Chang, T; Lee, K; Choi, NARTICLE843
2002-10Large rate of uptake of atmospheric carbon dioxide by planted forest biomass in KoreaChoi, Sung-Deuk; Lee, K; Chang, YSARTICLE926
Showing results 1 to 20 of 44