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2019-03A wavelength-tunable and facilely functionable D-A type naphthalene core skeleton: Synthesis, photophysical property, and bio-imaging applications for cells and tissuesJung, Yuna; Kim, Youngseo; Kim, Na Hee; Lee, Junho; Kim, Kang-Hoon; Jung, Junyang; Huh, Youngbuhm; Jang, Hyeung-Jin; Joo, Jinmyoung; Park, Sungnam; Kim, DokyoungARTICLE255
2014-07Analytical probability density calculation for step pulse response of a single-ended buffer with arbitrary power-supply voltage fluctuationsKim, Jingook; Lee, Junho; Cho, Sunki; Hwang, Chulsoon; Yoon, Changwook; Fan, JunARTICLE592
2016-09Chronic Inflammation in the Epidermis: A Mathematical ModelNakaoka, Shinji; Kuwahara, Sota; Lee, Chang Hyeong; Jeon, Hyejin; Lee, Junho; Takeuchi, Yasuhiro; Kim, YangjinARTICLE790
2013-11Heritable Gene Knockout in Caenorhabditis elegans by Direct Injection of Cas9-sgRNA RibonucleoproteinsCho, Seung Woo; Lee, Jihyun; Carroll, Dana; Kim, Jin-Soo; Lee, JunhoARTICLE221
2017-08Investigation of the electrical conductivity of sintered monoclinic zirconia (ZrO2)Kwon, Oh Hyun; Jang, Changheui; Lee, Junho; Jeong, Hu Young; Kwon, Young-il; Joo, Jong Hoon; Kim, HongjinARTICLE1111
2008-08Modeling and measurement of interlevel electromagnetic coupling and fringing effect in a hierarchical power distribution network using segmentation method with resonant cavity modelKim, Jaemin; Jeong, Youchul; Kim, Jingook; Lee, Junho; Ryu, Chunghyun; Shim, Jongjoo; Shin, Minchul; Kim, JounghoARTICLE634
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6