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2018-08A Data-Driven Procedure of Providing a Health Promotion Program for Hypertension PreventionLee, Junghye; Kwon, Ryeok-Hwan; Kim, Hyung Woo; Kang, Sung-Hong; Kim, Kwang-Jae; Jun, Chi-HyuckARTICLE588
2016Acquisition of a series of temperature-varied sample spectra to induce characteristic structural changes of components and selection of target-descriptive variables among them for multivariate analysis to improve accuracyChang, Kyeol; Lee, Junghye; Jun, Chi-Hyuck; Chung, HoeilARTICLE320
2015-03Causality Analysis for Public and Private Expenditures on Health Using Panel Granger-Causality TestLee, Su-Dong; Lee, Junghye; Jun, Chi-HyuckARTICLE339
2015-06Classification of High Dimensionality Data through Feature Selection Using Markov BlanketLee, Junghye; Jun, Chi-HyuckARTICLE309
2018-12Convolutional Neural Network-Based Land Cover Classification Using 2-D Spectral Reflectance Curve Graphs With Multitemporal Satellite ImageryKim, Miae; Lee, Junghee; Han, Daehyun; Shin, Minso; Im, Jungho; Lee, Junghye; Quackenbush, Lindi J.; Gu, ZhuARTICLE292
2018-04Deep learning-based monitoring of overshooting cloud tops from geostationary satellite dataKim, Miae; Lee, Junghye; Im, JunghoARTICLE385
2018-02Interleaved incremental association Markov blanket as a potential feature selection method for improving accuracy in near-infrared spectroscopic analysisChang, Kyeol; Lee, Junghye; Jun, Chi-Hyuck; Chung, HoeilARTICLE370
2015-10Kernel-based calibration methods combined with multivariate feature selection to improve accuracy of near-infrared spectroscopic analysisLee, Junghye; Chang, Kyeol; Jun, Chi-Hyuck; Cho, Rae-Kwang; Chung, Hoeil; Lee, HyeseonARTICLE361
2014-12Prediction of Hypertension Complications Risk Using Classification TechniquesLee, Wonji; Lee, Junghye; Lee, Hyeseon; Jun, Chi-Hyuck; Park. Il-Su; Kagn, Sung-HongARTICLE341
2018-04Privacy-Preserving Patient Similarity Learning in a Federated Environment: Development and AnalysisLee, Junghye; Sun, Jimeng; Wang, Fei; Wang, Shuang; Jun, Chi-Hyuck; Jiang, XiaoqianARTICLE451
2018-05Privacy-Preserving Predictive Modeling: Harmonization of Contextual Embeddings From Different SourcesHuang, Yingxiang; Lee, Junghye; Wang, Shang; Sun, Jimeng; Liu, Hongfang; Jiang, XiaoqianARTICLE404
2016-10Risk assessment for hypertension and hypertension complications incidences using a Bayesian networkLee, Junghye; Lee, Wonji; Park, Il-Su; Kim, Hun-Sung; Lee, Hyeseon; Jun, Chi-HyuckARTICLE311
2020-01Secure and Differentially Private Logistic Regression for Horizontally Distributed DataKim, Miran; Lee, Junghye; Ohno-Machado, Lucila; Jiang, XiaoqianARTICLE328
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13