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1997-07A Centralized Approach in Multi-channel Access Scheme for Single-hop WDM NetworksOh, Y.Y.; Son, J.W.; Cho, W.H.; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, S.B.CONFERENCE32
1998-01A Centralized Packet Scheduling for Single-hop WDM Optical NetworksOh, Young Yul; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, Sang BaeARTICLE84
1998-08A conferencing system for real-time, multiparty, multimedia servicesPark, JS; Lee, SH; Kim, SC; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, SBARTICLE79
1998-06A Conferencing System for Real-Time, Multiparty, Multimedia ServicesPark, J.S.; Lee, S.H.; Kim, S.C.; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, S.B.CONFERENCE41
2016-01-13A congestion avoidance algorithm in SDN environmentSong, Seungbeom; Lee, Jaiyong; Son, Kyuho; Jung, Hangyong; Lee, JihoonCONFERENCE117
1999-01A Cost Evaluation of Disjoint Protection Schemes with Dynamic Bandwidth ControlLee, K.H.; Choi, Y.H.; Park, D.S.; Kang, T.W.; Jeon, S.H.; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, S.B.CONFERENCE43
2007-08-11A Cross Layered Protocol Using Back-off Time in Wireless Sensor NetworksYoun, MyungJune; Lee, JaiyongCONFERENCE32
2008-08-16A Cross-Layer Approach for Efficient Delivery in Wireless Sensor NetworksKim, Jaehyun; Kim, Seoggyu; Lee, JaiyongCONFERENCE31
1997-09A Crossbar based Gigabit Packet Switch with an Input-Polling Shared Bus Arbitration MechanismLee, H.T.; Son, J.W.; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, S.B.CONFERENCE44
2007-07A design of mobility metric using 3-waypoint in mobile ad hoc networksKim, Hyunchang; Lee, JaiyongCONFERENCE23
1995-06A Dynamic Resource Allocation Algorithm Based on Multiple Traffic Structure in ATM NetworksSon, J.W.; Lee, J.H.; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, S.B.CONFERENCE55
1998-01-21A flexible communication architecture to support multimedia services in high speed networkPark, Jaesung; Kim, Sungchun; Lee, Junho; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, SangbaeCONFERENCE45
1997-01A Hybrid Performance Management Scheme for OAM Function in ATM NetworkKim, Y.I.; Chung, J.H.; Lim, C.S.; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, S.B.CONFERENCE33
1997-06A Hybrid Performance Management Scheme for OAM Function supporting QoS management in ATM NetworkKim, Y.I.; Chung, J.H.; Lim, C.S.; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, S.B.CONFERENCE34
1998-11A Link Control Scheme Using Self-Reflecting Signal in Global Beam Satellite NetworkKim, Seungcheon; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, SangbaeARTICLE43
2007-12A MAC Protocol with Adaptive Preloads Considering Low Duty-Cycle in WSNsOn, JeongSeok; Kim, JaeHyun; Lee, Jaiyong; Kim, Yeonsoo; Chong, HakjinCONFERENCE57
1998-02A Method of Gathering End-to-end Management InformationChoi, Y.H.; Lee, K.H.; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, S.B.CONFERENCE36
1997-09A Method to Derive a Single-EFSM from Communicating Multi-EFSM for Data Part TestingHwang, I.; Kim, T.; Jang, M.; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, S.; Oh, H.; Kim, M.CONFERENCE52
2012-12A New Receiver-Based Retransmission Scheme with TFRCOh, Bong-Hwan; Han, Jechan; Kim, Kyungmin; Lee, JaiyongARTICLE80
1995-08A New Ring Protocol for ATM-MANShim, C.; Park, K.H.; Lee, J.H.; Lee, Jaiyong; Lee, S.B.CONFERENCE47
Showing results 1 to 20 of 194