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2019-06Direct evidence of E × B flow changes at the onset of resonant magnetic perturbation-driven edge-localized mode crash suppressionLee, Jaehyun; Jeon, Y.M.; In, Yongkyoon; Park, G.Y.; Yun, G.S.; Lee, W.; Kim, M.; Lee, J.H.; Ko, W.H.; Park, Hyeon Keo; KSTAR TeamARTICLE170
2019-08Experimental observation of the non-diffusive avalanche-like electron heat transport events and their dynamical interaction with the shear flow structureChoi, Minjun J.; Jhang, Hogun; Kwon, Jae-Min; Chung, Jinil; Woo, Minho; Qi, Lei; Ko, Sehoon; Hahm, Taik-Soo; Park, Hyeon Keo; Kim, Hyun-Seok; Kang, Jisung; Lee, Jaehyun; Kim, Minwoo; Yun, Gunsu S.ARTICLE121
2016-08Nonlinear Interaction of Edge-Localized Modes and Turbulent Eddies in Toroidal Plasma under n=1 Magnetic PerturbationLee, Jaehyun; Yun, Gunsu S.; Choi, Minjun; Kwon, Jae-Min; Jeon, Young-Mu; Lee, Woochang; Luhmann, Neville C.; Park, Hyeon KeoARTICLE511
2016-08The Brain-Enriched MicroRNA miR-9-3p Regulates Synaptic Plasticity and MemorySim, Su-Eon; Lim, Chae-Seok; Kim, Jae-Ick; Seo, Daekwan; Chun, Heejung; Yu, Nam-Kyung; Lee, Jaehyun; Kang, SukJae Joshua; Ko, Hyoung-Gon; Choi, Jun-Hyeok; Kim, Taehyun; Jang, Eun-Hae; Han, Joohyun; Bak, Myeong Seong; Park, Jong-Eun; Jang, Deok-Jin; Baek, Daehyun; Lee, Yong-Seok; Kaang, Bong-KiunARTICLE514
2020-03Transient cAMP elevation during systems consolidation enhances remote contextual fear memoryLee, Jaehyun; Lee, Hye-Ryeon; Kim, Jae-Ick; Baek, Jinhee; Jang, Eun-Hae; Lee, Jihye; Kim, Myeongwon; Lee, Ro Un; Kim, Somi; Park, Pojeong; Kaang, Bong-KiunARTICLE78
2020-03Ultrahigh areal number density solid-state on-chip microsupercapacitors via electrohydrodynamic jet printingLee, Kwon-Hyung; Lee, Seong-Sun; Ahn, David B.; Lee, Jaehyun; Byun, Doyoung; Lee, Sang-YoungARTICLE71
2018-07β-Adrenergic signaling is required for the induction of a labile state during memory reconsolidationLim, Chae-Seok; Kim, Jae-Ick; Kwak, Chuljung; Lee, Jaehyun; Jang, Eun Hae; Oh, Jihae; Kaang, Bong-KiunARTICLE437
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7