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2019-04-28A Study of Pulse Control of Millimeter-wave Gyrotron using High Density PlasmaChoc, Mun Seok; Sawant, Ashwini; Lee, Ingeun; Han, Taegyu; Choi, Wonjin; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE83
2021-03Accurate Gyrotron Performance Prediction Based on Full 3-D Magnetic Field and Electron Beam Information Altered by Nonideal FactorsLee, Ingeun; Sawant, Ashwini; Shin, Jinwoo; Choi, EunMiARTICLE73
2018-01Accurate identification of whispering gallery mode patterns of gyrotron with stabilized electro-optic imaging systemLee, Ingeun; Sawant, Ashwini; Choe, Munseok; Lee, Dong Joon; Choi, EunMiARTICLE750
2015-04-22Breakdown Experiment under Low Pressurized Gaseous Condition Using a High Power Millimeter Wave Gyrotron OscillatorKim, Dongseong; Kim, Seonggook; Choi, Moonseok; Lee, Ingeun; Sawant, Ashwini; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE54
2017-07Design and Fabrication of a 300 GHz Modified Sine Waveguide Traveling-Wave Tube Using a Nano Computer Numerical Control MachineChoi, Wonjin; Lee, Ingeun; Choi, EunMiARTICLE751
2017-04-24Design and nano-CNC fabrication of modified sine waveguide for 300 GHz traveling-wave tubeChoi, Wonjin; Lee, Ingeun; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE73
2014-06-19Design of a Calorimeter for Measurement of High Power GyrotronChoi, EunMi; Ashwini, Sawant; Kim, Dongsung; Kim, Sungkook; Kim, Jungho; Bae, Yeongsoon; So, Joonho; Lee, Woosang; Lee, Ingeun; Lee, Inhyuk; Lee, Jeonghyuk; Jeong, Mi; Choi, Moonseok; Han, WonsoonCONFERENCE58
2016-10-18Design of Elliptical Sheet-Beam Electron Gun for 300 GHz Sine Waveguide Traveling-Wave TubeChoi, Wonjin; Lee, Ingeun; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE52
2016-08-21Design study of a G-band Folded Waveguide Traveling-Wave Tube driven by a Backward-Wave OscillatorLee, Ingeun; Sawant, Ashwini; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE61
2016-04-20Design Study of a Self-Driving G-band Folded Waveguide Traveling Wave Tube with an Integrated High Input PowerLee, Ingeun; Sawant, A; So, JoonHo; Hong, Yongjin; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE40
2016-04-19Design study of an energy-recirculating G-band self-driving folded waveguide traveling-wave tubeLee, Ingeun; Sawant, Ashwini; So, Joonho; Hong, Yongjin; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE57
2013-05-21Design study of MIG for dual-band gyrotronLee, Ingeun; Kim, Sung Gug; So, Joonho; Choi, Eun MiCONFERENCE73
2019-04-28Design Study of Two-Plane Focusing Periodically Cusped Magnets for a 300 GHz Sheet Beam Traveling-Wave TubeChoi, Wonjin; Lee, Ingeun; Choi, EunMi; Shin, JinwooCONFERENCE58
2016-10-18Design Study of Y-band Folded Waveguide Backward Wave Oscillator as Input Driver for Traveling Wave Tube AmplifierLee, Ingeun; Sawant, Ashwini; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE55
2019-02Development of an Energy-Recirculating Micromachined G-band Folded Waveguide Traveling Wave Tube OscillatorChoi, EunMi; Lee, IngeunDoctoral thesis297
2019-09-01Development of the Second Harmonic 190 GHz Gyrotron for OAM CommunicationSawant, Ashwini; Lee, Ingeun; Choe, Munseok; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE80
2019-04-28Development of the Second Harmonic Dual Mode Gyrotron for OAM Beam GenerationSawant, Ashwini; Lee, Ingeun; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE71
2015-08-24Excellent photonic-assisted measurement system for high order mode pattern scan in reactive near fieldLee, Ingeun; Choe, Mun Seok; Lee, Dong-Joon; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE62
2016-10-31Experimental Verification on Remote Detectability of Concealed Radioactive Material Based on the Plasma Discharge Delay Time using High-Power Millimeter-WaveKim, Dongsung; Kim, Dongho; Sawant, Ashwini; Choe, Mun Seok; Lee, Ingeun; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE51
2020-08-20Fundamental Analysis of OAM THz Communication SystemsSawant, Ashwini; Lee, Ingeun; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE18
Showing results 1 to 20 of 39