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2016-01A General Solution Strategy of Modified Power Method for Higher Mode SolutionsZhang, Peng; Lee, Hyunsuk; Lee, DeokjungARTICLE663
2015-05A Hybrid Monte Carlo/Method-of-Characteristics Method for Efficient Neutron Transport AnalysisLee, Hyunsuk; Choi, Sooyoung; Lee, DeokjungARTICLE753
2015-11-22A Monte Carlo Convergence Acceleration Technique based on the Modified Power MethodZhang, Peng; Lee, Hyunsuk; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE50
2017-04-16A New Accumulation Scheme for the Monte Carlo Implementation of the Modified Power MethodZhang, Peng; Lee, Hyunsuk; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE48
2014-05-29A New Monte Carlo Neutron Transport Code at UNISTLee, Hyunsuk; Kong, Chidong; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE42
2019-10-25Accident Tolerant Fuel Neutronics Analysis for Commercial PWR using Metallic Micro-cell UO2–Mo (or Cr) Pellets with Cr-based Cladding CoatingJeong, Eun; Jo, Yunki; Choi, Sooyoung; Lee, Hyunsuk; Shin, Ho Cheol; Lee, Kwangho; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE71
2016-12Accuracy Improvement of Boron Meter Adopting New Fitting Function and Multi-detectorKong, Chidong; Lee, Hyunsuk; Tak, Taewoo; Lee, Deokjung; Kim, Si Hwan; Lyou, SeokjeanARTICLE684
2016-05-01Analysis of NCA tungsten critical experiments by new Monte Carlo code MCSKim, Hanjoo; Kim, Kiho; Choi, Sooyoung; Lee, Hyunsuk; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE48
2013-11-10Application of analytic slowing-down kernel for MOC-MC hybrid methodLee, Hyunsuk; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE52
2015-04-19Application of CMFD with superhistory method on continuous energy Monte Carlo simulation for eigenvalue problemsLee, Hyunsuk; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE43
2018-10-25Application of MCS Code for Spent Fuel Cask AnalysisNguyen, Trong Mai Nhan; Kong, Chidong; Lee, Hyunsuk; Choi, Sooyoung; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE63
2018-05-17Application of MCS Code to Yonggwang Unit 3 Cycle 1 BOC AnalysisTran, Quoc Tuan; Lee, Hyunsuk; Choe, Jiwon; Jo, Yongmin; Choi, Sooyoung; Lee, Hwan Soo; Shin, Ho Cheol; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE44
2018-11-11Application of MCS to Monte Carlo Whole-core Depletion Analysis of Yonggwang Unit 3 Cycle 1Tran, Quoc Tuan; Lee, Hyunsuk; Choe, Jiwon; Choi, Sooyoung; Jo, Yongmin; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE51
2018-10-25Application of MCS/CTF/FRAPCON Multi-physics Coupling Code System in BEAVRS Cycle 1 Depletion SimulationYu, Jiankai; Lee, Hyunsuk; Cherezov, Alexey; Kim, Hanjoo; Zhang, Peng; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE47
2015-09-16Application of Modified Power Method to 2D ProblemsZhang, Peng; Lee, Hyunsuk; Cha, Kyoon-Ho; Hong, Sung-Kwan; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE36
2019-05-13Application of Monte Carlo Neutronics and Fuel Performance Coupled Codes to Whole-core Depletion of OPR-1000Tran, Tuan Quoc; Lee, Hyunsuk; Choe, Jiwon; Cherezov, Alexey; Yu, Jiankai; Shin, Ho Cheol; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE87
2015-09-16Application of Rational Function for Accuracy Improvement of Boron Meter ModelKong, Chidong; Lee, Hyunsuk; Kim, Si Hwan; Lyou, Seokjean; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE40
2016-05-13Application of the Modified Power Method to 2D Core SimulationZhang, Peng; Lee, Hyunsuk; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE29
2019-08-26APR-1400 WHOLE-CORE DEPLETION ANALYSIS WITH MCSNguyen, Tung Dong Cao; Lee, Hyunsuk; Choe, Jiwon; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE61
2015-09-16Benchmark Analysis of NCA Tungsten Critical ExperimentKim, Kiho; Kim, Hanjoo; Choi, Sooyoung; Lee, Hyunsuk; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE41
Showing results 1 to 20 of 131