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2010-09Chiral Transformation in Protonated and Deprotonated Adipic Acids through Multistep Internal Proton TransferMin, Seung Kyu; Park, Mina; Singh, N. Jiten; Lee, Han Myoung; Lee, Eun Cheol; Kim, Kwang S.; Lagutschenkov, Anita; Niedner-Schatteburg, GereonARTICLE786
2014-09CO Capture and Conversion to HOCO Radical by Ionized Water ClustersLee, Han Myoung; Youn, Il-Seung; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE904
2011-04CO2 Capturing Mechanism in Aqueous Ammonia: NH3-Driven Decomposition-Recombination PathwayKim, Dong Young; Lee, Han Myoung; Min, Seung Kyu; Cho, Yeonchoo; Hwang, In-Chul; Han, Kunwoo; Kim, Je Young; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE936
2010-06Comparison of cationic, anionic and neutral hydrogen bonded dimersLee, Han Myoung; Kumar, Anupriya; Kolaski, Maciej; Kim, Dong Young; Lee, Eun Cheol; Min, Seung Kyu; Park, Mina; Choi, Young Cheol; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE800
2008-06Complete basis set limit of ab initio binding energies and geometrical parameters for various typical types of complexesMin, Seung Kyu; Lee, Eun Cheol; Lee, Han Myoung; Kim, Dong Young; Kim, Dongwook; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE845
2015-09Disulfuric acid dissociated by two water molecules: ab initio and density functional theory calculationsKim, Seong Kyu; Lee, Han Myoung; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE915
2013-07Dynamics and structural changes of small water clusters on ionizationLee, Han Myoung; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE758
2015-06Geometrical and Electronic Characteristics of AunO2- (n=2-7)Lee, Han Myoung; Lee, Kee Hag; Lee, Geunsik; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE771
2016-07Halides with Fifteen Aliphatic C-H center dot center dot center dot Anion Interaction SitesShi, Genggongwo; Aliakbar Tehrani, Zahra; Kim, Dongwook; Cho, Woo Jong; Youn, Il-Seung; Lee, Han Myoung; Yousuf, Mohammad; Ahmed, Nisar; Shirinfar, Bahareh; Teator, Aaron J.; Lastovickova, Dominika N.; Rasheed, Lastovickova; Lah, Myoung Soo; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE1210
2016-11Halogen-pi Interactions between Benzene and X-2/CX4 (X = Cl, Br): Assessment of Various Density Functionals with Respect to CCSD(T)Youn, Il Seung; Kim, Dong Yeon; Cho, Woo Jong; Madridejos, Jenica Marie L.; Lee, Han Myoung; Kolaski, Maciej; Lee, Joonho; Baig, Chunggi; Shin, Seung Koo; Filatov, Michael; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE848
2014-05Highly Stable CO2/N-2 and CO2/CH4 Selectivity in Hyper-Cross-Linked Heterocyclic Porous PolymersSaleh, Muhammad; Lee, Han Myoung; Kemp, K. Christian; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE906
2005-02Hydrated copper and gold monovalent cations: Ab initio studyLee, Han Myoung; Min, Seung Kyu; Lee, Eun Cheol; Min, Jung-Hyun; Odde, Srinivas; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE800
2015-04Interactions of CO2 with various functional moleculesLee, Han Myoung; Youn, Il Seung; Saleh, Muhammad; Lee, Jung Woo; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE952
2015-03Triazine-based microporous polymers for selective adsorption of CO2Saleh, Muhammad; Baek, Seung Bin; Lee, Han Myoung; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE742
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14