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2006-12A two-zone method with an enhanced accuracy for a numerical solution of the diffusion equationCheon, Jin-Sik; Koo, Yang-Hyun; Lee, Byung-Ho; Oh, Je-Yong; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE1626
2008-02An extension of the two-zone method for evaluating a fission gas release under an irradiation-induced resolution fluxCheon, Jin-Sik; Koo, Yang-Hyun; Lee, Byung-Ho; Oh, Jae-Yong; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE615
2011-12FUEL PERFORMANCE CODE COSMOS FOR ANALYSIS OF LWR UO2 AND MOX FUELLee, Byung-Ho; Koo, Yang-Hyun; Oh, Jae-Yong; Cheon, Jin-Sik; Tahk, Young-Wook; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE621
2007-01Improvement of fuel performance code cosmos with recent in-pile data for MOX and UO2 fuelsLee, Byung-Ho; Koo, Yang-Hyun; Oh, Je-Yong; Cheon, Jin-Sik; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE497
2010-10IRRADIATION TEST OF MOX FUEL RODS FABRICATED BY ATTRITION-MILLING AND ANALYSIS OF IN-PILE DATA WITH COSMOS CODELee, Byung-Ho; Koo, Yang-Hyun; Kim, Han-Soo; Oh, Jae-Yong; Lee, Young-Woo; Sohn, Dong-Seong; Wiesenack, WolfgangARTICLE559
2007-03Measurement of the specific heat of Zr-40 wt%U metallic fuelLee, Byung-Ho; Cheon, Jin-Sik; Koo, Yang-Hyun; Oh, Je-Yong; Yim, Jeong-Sik; Sohn, Dong-Seong; Baryshnikov, M.; Gaiduchenko, A.ARTICLE515
2007-04Measurement of the thermal properties of gadolinium and dysprosium titanateLee, Byung-Ho; Kim, Han-Soo; Lee, Sang-Hyun; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE526
2002-02Modeling and parametric studies of the effect of inhomogeneity on fission gas release in LWR MOX fuelKoo, Yang-Hyun; Lee, Byung-Ho; Cheon, Jin-Sik; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE516
2002-01Modeling of creep behavior of Zircaloy-4 by considering metallurgical effectLee, Byung-Ho; Koo, Yang-Hyun; Cheon, Jin-Sik; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE505
2008-01Molecular dynamics simulation of the pressure-volume-temperature data of xenon for a nuclear fuelOh, Jae-Yong; Koo, Yang-Hyun; Cheon, Jin-Sik; Lee, Byung-Ho; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE461
2003-09Three-dimensional simulation of threshold porosity for fission gas release in the rim region of LWR UO2 fuelKoo, Yang-Hyun; Oh, Je-Yong; Lee, Byung-Ho; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE524
2008-08Zircaloy-4 cladding corrosion model covering a wide range of PWR experiencesLee, Byung-Ho; Koo, Yang-Hyun; Oh, Jae-Yong; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE545
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12