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Kwon, BoksoonLee, SangyoupCho, JaeweonAhn, HyowonLee, DongjooShin, Heung Sup

Article Issue Date2005-02 View10

Park, NoeonKwon, BoksoonKim, In S.Cho, Jaeweon

Article Issue Date2005-08 View18

Kwon, BoksoonShon, H. K.Cho, Jaeweon

Article Issue Date2009-01 View14

Lee, SangyoupKwon, BoksoonSun, MminjungCho, Jaeweon

Article Issue Date2005-03 View18

Park, NoeonKwon, BoksoonKim, Sang-DonCho, Jaeweon

Article Issue Date2006-04 View17

Cho, JaeweonKim, In S.Moon, JiheeKwon, Boksoon

Article Issue Date2006-02 View14

Chon, KyongmiCho, JaeweonKim, KyongmiKwon, Boksoon

Conference Paper Issue Date2005-03-01 View11

Kwon, BoksoonPark, NoeonCho, Jaeweon

Article Issue Date2005-07 View17

Kwon, BoksoonPark, NoeonCho, Jaeweon

Article Issue Date2010-06 View13

Kwon, BoksoonShon, H.K.Cho, Jaeweon

Article Issue Date2009-08 View15