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2021-05A Computer-Based Method for the Investigation of Human Behavior in the Iterative Chicken GameKim, Sung-Phil; Kim, Minju; Lee, Jongmin; Cho, Yang Seok; Kwon, Oh-SangARTICLE109
2015-06A unifying account of visual motion and position perceptionKwon, Oh-Sang; Tadin, Duje; Knill, David C.ARTICLE1072
2018-04Ageing vision and falls: a reviewSaftari, Liana Nafisa; Kwon, Oh-SangARTICLE877
2021-09Atypical Visual Motion-Prediction Abilities in Autism Spectrum DisorderPark, Woon Ju; Schauder, Kimberly B.; Kwon, Oh-Sang; Bennetto, Loisa; Tadin, DujeARTICLE152
2013-03Especial skill effect across age and performance level: the nature and degree of generalizationCzyz, SH; Breslin, G; Kwon, Oh-Sang; Mazur, M; Koblalka, K; Pizlo, ZARTICLE899
2018-10-17Estimating Attentional State of a Driver: Interacting Effects of Task Demands and Cognitive CapacitiesChoe, Seonggyu; Jeon, Hyun-Jun; Kwon, Oh-SangCONFERENCE164
2010-10Fitts’s Law and speed/accuracy trade-offs during the sequences of saccades: Implications for strategies of saccadic planningWu, Chia-Chien; Kwon, Oh-Sang; Kowler, EileenARTICLE978
2021-06HisVA: a Visual Analytics System for Learning HistoryHan, Dongyun; Parsad, Gorakh; Kim, Hwiyeon; Shim, Jaekyom; Kwon, Oh-Sang; Son, Kyung A; Lee, Jooyoung; Cho, Isaac; Ko, SungahnARTICLE243
2011-01Human Motor Transfer Is Determined by the Scaling of Size and Accuracy of MovementKwon, Oh-Sang; Zelaznik, Howard; Chiu, George; Pilzo, ZygmuntARTICLE810
2019-10-22Humans over-expect from the future chances in finite sequential decision problemsShin, Yeonju; Seon, HeeYoung; Shin, Yun Kyoung; Chung, Dongil; Kwon, Oh-SangCONFERENCE127
2013-03Illusory motion of stationary stimuli in visual periphery: evidence for a strong centrifugal prior in in motion processingZhang, Ruyuan; Kwon, Oh-Sang; Tadin, DujeARTICLE834
2020-05Integration of Position and Predictive Motion Signals in Aging VisionJeon, Hyun-Jun; Yun, Yeojeong; Kwon, Oh-SangARTICLE333
2016-06Recovering stereo vision by squashing virtual bugs in a virtual reality environmentVedamurthy, Indu; Knill, David C.; Huang, Samuel J.; Yung, Amanda; Ding, Jian; Kwon, Oh-Sang; Bavelier, Daphne; Levi, Dennis M.ARTICLE918
2021-12Subjective optimality in finite sequential decision-makingSin, Yeonju; Seon, HeeYoung; Shin, Yun Kyoung; Kwon, Oh-Sang; Chung, DongilARTICLE80
2019-03Temporal Dynamics of Visual Attention AllocationMoon, Jongmin; Choe, Seonggyu; Lee, Seul; Kwon, Oh-SangARTICLE558
2022-01Testing the efficacy of vision training for presbyopia: alternating-distance training does not facilitate vision improvement compared to fixed-distance trainingLiza, Suraiya Jahan; Choe, Seonggyu; Kwon, Oh-SangARTICLE73
2013-03The brain uses adaptive internal models of scene statistics for sensorimotor estimation and planningKwon, Oh-Sang; Knill, David C.ARTICLE882
2015-12Visual uncertainty influences the extent of an especial skillCzyz, S.H.; Kwon, Oh-Sang; Marzec, J.; Styrkowiec, P.; Breslin, G.ARTICLE952
2022-02-17순차적 의사결정에서 나타나는 주관적 가치의 최적화Seon, HeeYoung; Sin, Yeonju; Shin, Yunkyoung; Kwon, Oh-Sang; Chung, DongilCONFERENCE59
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19