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2018-02A Spectroscopic Study on the Ultrafast Excited-State Proton Transfer Dynamics along Diols in Photo-Prototropic Model SystemsKwon, Oh-Hoon; Kim, Ye-JinMaster's thesis513
2016-03Alcohol Dimer is Requisite to Form an Alkyl Oxonium Ion in the Proton Transfer of a Strong (Photo)Acid to AlcoholPark, Sun-Young; Lee, Young Min; Kwak, Kijeong; Jung, Yousung; Kwon, Oh-HoonARTICLE701
2016-02Collective Hydrogen Bonding between Amides Enhances the Basicity of Their Clustered Form in the Proton Transfer of a Super PhotoacidKwon, Oh-Hoon; Kim, HeesuMaster's thesis660
2017-09Crystallization-Induced Emission Enhancement and Amplified Spontaneous Emission from a CF3-Containing Excited-State Intramolecular-Proton-Transfer MoleculePark, Sanghyuk; Kwon, Ji Eon; Park, Sun-Young; Kwon, Oh-Hoon; Kim, Joon Ki; Yoon, Seung-Jun; Chung, Jong Won; Whang, Dong Ryeol; Park, Sang Kyu; Lee, Dong Ki; Jang, Du-Jeon; Gierschner, Johannes; Park, Soo YoungARTICLE483
2019-02Development of Chemical Tools for Identifying an Inter-Relationship among Multiple Pathological Factors in Alzheimer's DiseaseKwon, Oh-Hoon; Kim, MingeunMaster's thesis245
2019-02Development of Small Molecules as Chemical Probes for Understanding the Pathology of Alzheimer’s DiseaseKwon, Oh-Hoon; Lee, MisunMaster's thesis250
2018-08Effects of alcohol solvents on formation of the hydrated silica gelLee, Sang-Eun; Heo, So-Yeon; Go, Hy-Ein; Lee, Jin-Suk; Kwon, Oh-Hoon; Hong, Chang-Kook; Kim, Ho-Jun; Hwang, Jong-Pil; Ahn, Young-SooARTICLE525
2020-12Hydrogen-Bond Dynamics and Energetics of Biological WaterAdhikari, Aniruddha; Park, Won-Woo; Kwon, Oh-HoonARTICLE54
2020-04Hydrogen‐Bond Free Energy of Local Biological WaterPark, Won-Woo; Lee, Kyung Min; Lee, Byeong Sung; Kim, Young Jae; Joo, Se Hun; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Yoo, Tae Hyeon; Kwon, Oh-HoonARTICLE296
2015-10Observing in space and time the ephemeral nucleation of liquid-to-crystal phase transitionsYoo, Byung-Kuk; Kwon, Oh-Hoon; Liu, Haihua; Tang, Jau; Zewail, Ahmed HARTICLE687
2021-08Planar Organic Bilayer Heterojunctions Fabricated on Water with Ultrafast Donor-to-Acceptor Charge TransferLee, Tack Ho; Park, Won-Woo; Park, Song Yi; Cho, Shinuk; Kwon, Oh-Hoon; Kim, Jin YoungARTICLE40
2016-12Proton diffusion dynamics along a diol as a proton-conducting wire in a photo-amphiprotic model systemKim, Ye-Jin; Kwon, Oh-HoonARTICLE756
2021-02Residence and diffusion of a dynamically prototropic hydration probe in AOT reverse micellesKwon, Oh-Hoon; Park, Jae-HeonMaster's thesis56
2020-12Residence and diffusion of a dynamically prototropic hydration probe in AOT reverse micellesAdhikari, Aniruddha; Park, Jae-Heon; Nho, Hak-Won; Kwon, Oh-HoonARTICLE146
2017-08Study of hydrogen-bonding energetics and dynamics of biological water using ultrafast electronic spectroscopyKwon, Oh-Hoon; Kim, Young JaeMaster's thesis470
2019-03Surface versus Bulk: Charge Carriers Play by Different RulesAdhikari, Aniruddha; Kwon, Oh-HoonARTICLE280
2017-02Time-resolved spectroscopic study of dual heteroatom-doped carbon dotsKwon, Oh-Hoon; Kim, SunghuMaster's thesis620
2018-07Ultrafast Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy in Transmission Electron MicroscopyPomarico, Enrico; Kim, Ye‐Jin; de Abajo, F. Javier García; Kwon, Oh-Hoon; Carbone, Fabrizio; van der Veen, Renske MARTICLE513
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18