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2009-10A Numerically Stable Analysis Method for Complex Multilayer Waveguides Based on Modified Transfer-Matrix EquationsKwon, Min-SukARTICLE561
2017-09Bulk-Silicon-Based Waveguides and Bends Fabricated Using Silicon Wet Etching: Properties and LimitsKu, Bonwoo; Kim, Kyoung-Soo; Kim, Yonghan; Kwon, Min-SukARTICLE442
2005-01Characteristics of polymer waveguide notch filters using thermooptic long-period gratingsKwon, Min-Suk; Shin, SYARTICLE476
2012-09Characterizations of realized metal-insulator-silicon-insulator-metal waveguides and nanochannel fabrication via insulator removalKwon, Min-Suk; Shin, Jin-Soo; Shin, Sang-Yung; Lee, Wan-GyuARTICLE740
2006-12Comments on "Effects of polarization rotation in optical ring-resonator-based devices"Kwon, Min-SukARTICLE475
2017-12Compact Silicon Slot Waveguide Intersection Based on Mode Transformation and Multimode InterferenceKim, Kyoung-Soo; Quoc Viet Vuong; Kim, Yonghan; Kwon, Min-SukARTICLE402
2011-07Design and analysis of a vertical directional coupler between a three-dimensional plasmonic slot waveguide and a silicon waveguideShin, Jin-Soo; Kwon, Min-Suk; Shin, Sang-YungARTICLE606
2014-06Discussion of the Epsilon-Near-Zero Effect of Graphene in a Horizontal Slot WaveguideKwon, Min-SukARTICLE658
2016-02Discussion of Two Ways of Optically Modeling Indium-Tin-Oxide Layers in Slot Waveguides for Waveguide AnalysisKwon, Min-SukARTICLE664
2010-11Disposable and compact integrated plasmonic sensor using a long-period gratingKwon, Min-SukARTICLE458
2014-06Efficient Coupling Between Photonic and Dielectric-Loaded Surface Plasmon Polariton Waveguides With the Same Core MaterialKwon, Min-Suk; Lim, Hyun-JunARTICLE824
2017-03Electroabsorption modulator based on inverted-rib-type silicon waveguide including double graphene layersKim, Yonghan; Kwon, Min-SukARTICLE577
2006-05Experimental demonstration of a long-period grating based on the sampling theoremKwon, Min-Suk; Cho, YB; Shin, SYARTICLE470
2015-11Experimental investigation of plasmofluidic waveguidesKu, Bonwoo; Shin, Jin-Soo; Kwon, Min-SukARTICLE620
2018-08Experimental Study on Plasmofludic Disk Resonators Filled with Liquid CrystalKwon, Min-Suk; Vuong, Viet QuocMaster's thesis281
2003-09Fabrication of an integrated optical filter using a large-core multimode waveguide vertically coupled to a single-mode waveguideKwon, Min-Suk; Kim, KH; Oh, YH; Shin, SYARTICLE554
2000-01Fabrication of polymeric large-core waveguides for optical interconnects using a rubber molding processLee, BT; Kwon, Min-Suk; Yoon, JB; Shin, SYARTICLE488
2004-11In-line polarization controller that uses a hollow optical fiber filled with a liquid crystalOh, YH; Kwon, Min-Suk; Shin, SY; Choi, S; Oh, KARTICLE479
2009-05Influence of the Parameters of a Heater Array Inducing a Thermooptic Long-Period Grating on Its Power ConsumptionKwon, Min-Suk; Shin, Sang-YungARTICLE491
2013-10Investigation and Improvement of 90 degrees Direct Bends of Metal-Insulator-Silicon-Insulator-Metal WaveguidesShin, Jin-Soo; Kwon, Min-Suk; Lee, Chang-Hee; Shin, Sang-YungARTICLE644
Showing results 1 to 20 of 47