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2022-12Catalase-deficient mice induce aging faster through lysosomal dysfunctionDutta, Raghbendra Kumar; Lee, Joon No; Maharjan, Yunash; Park, Channy; Choe, Seong-Kyu; Ho, Ye-Shih; Kwon, Hyug Moo; Park, RaekilARTICLE843
1999-02Effects of glucocorticoids and cyclosporine on IL-2 and I kappa B alpha mRNA expression in human peripheral blood mononuclear cellsBriggs, WA; Han, SH; Miyakawa, H; Burdick, JF; Kwon, Hyug MooARTICLE187
2023-02Impact of TonEBP in myeloid cells on neuroinflammation and obesity-induced insulin resistanceKwon, Hyug Moo; Jeong, Gyu WonDoctoral thesis1610
2022-11Intracellular cholesterol transport inhibition Impairs autophagy flux by decreasing autophagosome-lysosome fusionMaharjan, Yunash; Dutta, Raghbendra Kumar; Son, Jinbae; Wei, Xiaofan; Park, Channy; Kwon, Hyug Moo; Park, RaekilARTICLE783
2022-06Loss of adipose TET proteins enhances β-adrenergic responses and protects against obesity by epigenetic regulation of β3-AR expressionByun, Seongjun; Lee, Chan Hyeong; Jeong, Hyumgmin; Kim, Hyejin; Kwon, Hyug Moo; Park, Sung Ho; Myung, Kyungjae; An, Jungeun; Ko, MyunggonARTICLE625
2023-07Macrophage transcription factor TonEBP promotes systemic lupus erythematosus and kidney injury via damage-induced signaling pathwaysYoo, Eun Jin; Oh, Kook-Hwan; Piao, Honglin; Kang, Hyun Je; Jeong, Gyu Won; Park, Hyun; Lee, Chang Jun; Ryu, Hyunjin; Yang, Seung Hee; Kim, Myung-Gyu; Kim, Dong Ki; Park, Sung Ho; Lim, Beom Jin; Lee, Sang Min; Park, Chan Young; Choi, Soo Youn; Lee-Kwon, Whaseon; Yang, Jaeseok; Kwon, Hyug MooARTICLE880
2020-12Microglial TonEBP mediates LPS-induced inflammation and memory loss as transcriptional cofactor for NF-kappa B and AP-1Jeong, Gyu Won; Lee, Hwan Hee; Lee-Kwon, Whaseon; Kwon, Hyug MooARTICLE598
2018-03Optical properties of acute kidney injury measured by quantitative phase imagingBan, Sungbea; Min, Eunjung; Baek, Songyee; Kwon, Hyug Moo; Popescu, Gabriel; Jung, WoonggyuARTICLE1046
2021-08PARP1-mediated PARylation of TonEBP prevents R-loop-associated DNA damageYe, Byeong Jin; Kang, Hyun Je; Lee-Kwon, Whaseon; Kwon, Hyug Moo; Choi, Soo YounARTICLE756
2007-06Regulation of urea transporters by tonicity-responsive enhancer binding proteinJung, Ju-Young; Kwon, Hyug Moo; Kim, JimARTICLE157
2020-06The evolving role of TonEBP as an immunometabolic stress proteinChoi, Soo Youn; Lee-Kwon, Whaseon; Kwon, Hyug MooARTICLE531
2021-10Thrap3 promotes R-loop resolution via interaction with methylated DDX5Kang, Hyun Je; Eom, Hye-jin; Kim, Hongtae; Myung, Kyungjae; Kwon, Hyug Moo; Choi, Jang HyunARTICLE1098
2020-06TonEBP in dendritic cells mediates pro-inflammatory maturation and Th1/Th17 responsesYe, Byeong Jin; Lee, Hwan Hee; Yoo, Eun Jin; Lee, Chae Young; Lee, Jun Ho; Kang, Hyun Je; Jeong, Gyu Won; Park, Hyun; Lee-Kwon, Whaseon; Choi, Soo Youn; Kwon, Hyug MooARTICLE816
2021-08TonEBP in DNA repair and the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritisKwon, Hyug Moo; Ye, Byeong JinDoctoral thesis1519
2021-02TonEBP in ER stress-induced autophagy formation and DNA damage responseKwon, Hyug Moo; Kang, Hyun JeDoctoral thesis1522
2017-08TonEBP in macrophages and adipocytes contributes to obesity and type 2 diabetesKwon, Hyug Moo; Lee, Hwan HeeDoctoral thesis986
2022-12TonEBP in Myeloid Cells Promotes Obesity-Induced Insulin Resistance and Inflammation Through Adipose Tissue RemodelingLee, Hwan Hee; Jeong, Gyu Won; Ye, Byeong Jin; Yoo, Eun Jin; Son, Keoung Sun; Kim, Dong Ki; Park, Hye-Kyung; Kang, Byoung Heon; Lee-Kwon, Whaseon; Kwon, Hyug Moo; Choi, Soo YounARTICLE307
2020-02TonEBP in renal proximal tubules and macrophages mediates renal ischemic injury and lupus nephritisKwon, Hyug Moo; Yoo, Eun JinDoctoral thesis623
2020-09TonEBP Promotes beta-Cell Survival under ER Stress by Enhancing AutophagyKang, Hyun Je; Yoo, Eun Jin; Lee, Hwan Hee; An, Seung Min; Park, Hyun; Lee-Kwon, Whaseon; Choi, Soo Youn; Kwon, Hyug MooARTICLE609
2020-11-05TonEBP recognizes R-loops and initiates m6A RNA methylation for R-loop resolutionCheon, Na Young; Kang, Hyun Je; Myung, Kyungjae; Kwon, Hyug Moo; Lee, Ja YilCONFERENCE735
Showing results 1 to 20 of 28