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2015-11-011-refueling location problem on a continuous tree networkKweon, Sang Jin; Hwang, SW; Ventura, JACONFERENCE489
2017-12A Continuous Deviation-Flow Location Problem for an Alternative-Fuel Refueling Station on a Tree-Like Transportation NetworkKweon, Sang Jin; Hwang, Seong Wook; Ventura, Jose A.ARTICLE830
2015-10A continuous network location problem for a single refueling station on a treeVentura, Jose A.; Hwang, Seong Wook; Kweon, Sang JinARTICLE857
2015-04-11A novel approach to overcome the sub-optimality of the discrete network location problem for alternative-fuel refueling stationsKweon, Sang Jin; Hwang, SW; Ventura, JACONFERENCE341
2018-11-04A two-sided ride-sharing optimization problem considering electric vehicle deploymentKweon, Sang Jin; Jacquillat, A; Abhishek, VCONFERENCE401
2020-02An Alternative Fuel Refueling Station Location Model considering Detour Traffic Flows on a Highway Road SystemHwang, Seong Wook; Kweon, Sang Jin; Ventura, Jose A.ARTICLE853
2018-11An integrated acquisition policy for supplier selection and lot sizing considering total quantity discounts and a quality constraintLi, Xin; Ventura, Jose A.; Venegas, Barbara B.; Kweon, Sang Jin; Hwang, Seong WookARTICLE1141
2021-08An integrated inventory and distribution problem for alternative fuel: a matheuristic approachHwang, Seong Wook; Lee, Seokgi; Kweon, Sang JinARTICLE465
2017-10-22An integrated supplier selection and lot sizing policy considering total quantity discount and quality constraintKweon, Sang Jin; Li, X; Ventura, JA; Quintrileo, BB; Hwang, SWCONFERENCE331
2022-12-13Analysis of Triggers of Port Congestions Using a Tree-Based Machine Learning Classifier and Explainable Artificial IntelligenceJo, Sugyeong; Kweon, Sang Jin; Jung, Sung UkCONFERENCE909
2020-03Ankle Coordination in Chronic Ankle Instability, Coper, and Control Groups in RunningKwon, Yong Ung; Harrison, Kathryn; Kweon, Sang Jin; Williams, D. S. Blaise ⅢARTICLE781
2016-04-23Application of k-shortest paths algorithm to the continuous version of the single refueling station location problemKweon, Sang Jin; Hwang, SW; Ventura, JACONFERENCE307
2019-10-20Capacitated Optimization Problems for Taxi vs. Uber Platforms with Gasoline vs. Electric FleetsKweon, Sang Jin; Jacquillat, Alexandre; Abhishek, VibhanshuCONFERENCE475
2022-01Characterization and Design for Last Mile Logistics: A Review of the State of the Art and Future DirectionsNa, Hyeong Suk; Kweon, Sang Jin; Park, KijungARTICLE760
2020-11-13Comparative Study Between Taxi and Uber Platforms in the Deployment of Electric VehiclesKweon, Sang Jin; Jacquillat, Alexandre; Abhishek, VibhanshuCONFERENCE639
2022-10-18Consideration of Mobile-Based Floating Population Data in Assigning Cooling Shelters during Heat WavesKweon, Sang JinCONFERENCE696
2016-11-13Convex combination properties of the continuous location problem for a single refueling station considering the coupled effects of deviation option and vehicle driving rangeKweon, Sang Jin; Hwang, SW; Ventura, JACONFERENCE310
2022-06-03Cooling shelter allocation for heat vulnerable residents using floating population dataKweon, Sang Jin; Yoon, SeokhoCONFERENCE161
2022-11Demurrage pattern analysis using logical analysis of data: A case study of the Ulsan Port AuthorityKweon, Sang Jin; Hwang, Seong Wook; Lee, Seokgi; Jo, Min JiARTICLE1114
2015-07-29Driver deviation behavior on road networks for refueling serviceKweon, Sang Jin; Hwang, SW; Ventura, JACONFERENCE304
Showing results 1 to 20 of 36