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2002Characterization of a stamen-specific cDNA encoding a novel plant defensin in Chinese cabbagePark, HC; Kang, YH; Chun, HJ; Koo, JC; Cheong, YH; Kim, CY; Kim, MC; Chung, WS; Kim, JC; Yoo, JH; Koo, YD; Koo, SC; Lim, CO; Lee, SY; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE817
1994-06-19Characterization of putative peroxisomal targeting signals of cotton catalaseCho, Moo Je; Koo, JC; Chun, HJ; Ha, MS; Choi, SO; Lee, WS; Hong,JC; Bahk, JD; Allen, RDCONFERENCE43
2001-02Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic studies of an antimicrobial protein from Pharbitis nilHa, SC; Min, D; Koo, JC; Kim, Y; Yun, DJ; Cho, Moo Je; Kim, KKARTICLE667
1999-11Cultivar variability in the Agrobacterium-rice cell interaction and plant regenerationLee, SH; Shon, YG; Lee, SI; Kim, CY; Koo, JC; Lim, CO; Choi, YJ; Han, CD; Chung, CH; Choe, ZR; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE659
1996-10-24Establishment of comprehensive transposon tagging/trapping systems in riceCho, Moo Je; Han, CD; Park, SH; Koo, JC; Park, SY; Lee, SHCONFERENCE34
2002-06Identification of calmodulin isoform-specific binding peptides from a phage-displayed random 22-mer peptide libraryChoi, JY; Lee, SH; Park, Chan Young; Heo, WD; Kim, JC; Kim, MC; Chung, WS; Moon, BC; Cheong, YH; Kim, CY; Yoo, JH; Koo, JC; Ok, HM; Chi, SW; Ryu, SE; Lee, SY; Lim, CO; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE843
1999Molecular analysis of rice plants harboring an Ac/Ds transposable element-mediated gene trapping systemChin, HG; Choe, MS; Lee, SH; Park, SH; Park, SH; Koo, JC; Kim, NY; Lee, JJ; Oh, BG; Yi, GH; Kim, SC; Choi, HC; Cho, Moo Je; Han, CDARTICLE683
1994-09-29Molecular cloning of 54 and 21KD chitinase genes from Serratia marcescens and purification of their gene productsCho, Moo Je; Gal, SW; Ha, MS; Kim, CY; Koo, JC; Bae, CG; Choi, YJ; Chun, HJ; Lee, SY; Bahk, JDCONFERENCE42
2002-10Over-expression of a seed specific hevein-like antimicrobial peptide from Pharbitis nil enhances resistance to a fungal pathogen in transgenic tobacco plantsKoo, JC; Chun, HJ; Park, HC; Kim, MC; Koo, YD; Koo, SC; Ok, HM; Park, SJ; Lee, SH; Yun, DJ; Lim, CO; Bahk, JD; Lee, SY; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE885
2003-04Pn-AMPs, the hevein-like proteins from Pharbitis nil confers disease resistance against phytopathogenic fungi in tomato, Lycopersicum esculentumLee, OS; Lee, B; Park, N; Koo, JC; Kim, YH; Prasad, T; Karigar, C; Chun, HJ; Jeong, BR; Kim, DH; Nam, J; Yun, JG; Kwak, SS; Cho, Moo Je; Yun, DJARTICLE738
1995-09-03Sequential expression of two hevein homologs with a potent antifungal activity during maturation and germination of the seeds of Pharbitis nilCho, Moo Je; Koo, JC; Lee, SY; Chun, HJ; Park, SH; Lee, BLCONFERENCE39
1999Soybean Kunitz trypsin inhibitor (SKTI) confers resistance to the brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens Stal) in transgenic riceLee, SI; Lee, SH; Koo, JC; Chun, HJ; Lim, CO; Mun, JH; Song, YH; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE840
1998-01Two hevein homologs isolated from the seed of Pharbitis nil L. exhibit potent antifungal activityKoo, JC; Lee, SY; Chun, HJ; Cheong, YH; Choi, JS; Kawabata, S; Miyagi, M; Tsunasawa, S; Ha, KS; Bae, DW; Han, CD; Lee, BL; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE612
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13