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2014-06An Alternative Hole Transport Layer for Both ITO- and Graphene-Based Organic Solar CellsPark, Hyesung; Kong, JingARTICLE587
2013-08Anomalous Behaviors of Graphene Transparent Conductors in Graphene-Silicon Heterojunction Solar CellsLi, Xinming; Xie, Dan; Park, Hyesung; Zeng, Tingying Helen; Wang, Kunlin; Wei, Jinquan; Zhong, Minlin; Wu, Dehai; Kong, Jing; Zhu, HongweiARTICLE557
2013-10Application of solvent modified PEDOT:PSS to graphene electrodes in organic solar cellsPark, Hyesung; Shi, Yumeng; Kong, JingARTICLE682
2015-12Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Graphene and Related MaterialsKitaura, Ryo; Miyata, Yasumitsu; Xiang, Rong; Hone, James; Kong, Jing; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Maruyama, ShigeoARTICLE549
2013-01Demonstration of a Subthreshold FPGA Using Monolithically Integrated Graphene InterconnectsLee, Kyeong-Jae; Park, Hyesung; Kong, Jing; Chandrakasan, Anantha P.ARTICLE584
2010-12Doped graphene electrodes for organic solar cellsPark, Hyesung; Rowehl, Jill A.; Kim, Ki Kang; Bulovic, Vladimir; Kong, JingARTICLE535
2010-07Enhancing the conductivity of transparent graphene films via dopingKim, Ki Kang; Reina, Alfonso; Shi, Yumeng; Park, Hyesung; Li, Lain-Jong; Lee, Young Hee; Kong, JingARTICLE530
2014-09Flexible Graphene Electrode-Based Organic Photovoltaics with Record-High EfficiencyPark, Hyesung; Chang, Sehoon; Zhou, Xiang; Kong, Jing; Palacios, Tomas; Gradecak, SilvijaARTICLE700
2012-01Graphene As Transparent Conducting Electrodes in Organic Photovoltaics: Studies in Graphene Morphology, Hole Transporting Layers, and Counter ElectrodesPark, Hyesung; Brown, Patrick R.; Buloyic, Vladimir; Kong, JingARTICLE555
2013-01Graphene Cathode-Based ZnO Nanowire Hybrid Solar CellsPark, Hyesung; Chang, Sehoon; Jean, Joel; Cheng, Jayce J.; Araujo, Paulo T.; Wang, Mingsheng; Bawendi, Moungi G.; Dresselhaus, Mildred S.; Bulovic, Vladimir; Kong, Jing; Gradecak, SilvijaARTICLE539
2013-04Interface engineering of graphene for universal applications as both anode and cathode in organic photovoltaicsPark, Hyesung; Chang, Sehoon; Smith, Matthew; Gradecak, Silvija; Kong, JingARTICLE620
2013-03Ion doping of graphene for high-efficiency heterojunction solar cellsLi, Xinming; Xie, Dan; Park, Hyesung; Zhu, Miao; Zeng, Tingying Helen; Wang, Kunlin; Wei, Jinquan; Wu, Dehai; Kong, Jing; Zhu, HongweiARTICLE567
2014-10Motional Heating in a Graphene-Coated Ion TrapEltony, Amira M.; Park, Hyesung G.; Wang, Shannon X.; Kong, Jing; Chuang, Isaac L.ARTICLE576
2012-07Organic Solar Cells with Graphene Electrodes and Vapor Printed Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) as the Hole Transporting LayersPark, Hyesung; Howden, Rachel M.; Barr, Miles C.; Bulovic, Vladimir; Gleason, Karen; Kong, JingARTICLE564
2010-05Solution Chemistry of Self-Assembled Graphene Nanohybrids for High-Performance Flexible BiosensorsChoi, Bong Gill; Park, HoSeok; Park, Tae Jung; Yang, Min Ho; Kim, Joon Sung; Jang, Sung-Yeon; Heo, Nam Su; Lee, Sang Yup; Kong, Jing; Hong, Won HiARTICLE93
2017-08The physics and chemistry of graphene-on-surfacesZhao, Guoke; Li, Xinming; Huang, Meirong; Zhen, Zhen; Zhong, Yujia; Chen, Qiao; Zhao, Xuanliang; He, Yijia; Hu, Ruirui; Yang, Tingting; Zhang, Rujing; Li, Chngli; Kong, Jing; Xu, Jian-Bin; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Zhu, HongweiARTICLE432
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16