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Jeon, Woong BaeMoon, Jong SungKo, Young-HoRichardson, Christopher J. K.Waks, EdoKim, Je-Hyung

Conference Paper Issue Date2023-08-24 View10

Ko, Young-HoKim, Je-HyungGong, Su-HyunKim, JoosungKim, TaekCho, Yong-Hoon

Article Issue Date2015-04 View5

Ko, Young-HoHan, Won SeokKim, Kap-JoongChoi, Byung-SeokKim, Kyu YoungKim, Je-HyungKim, HeejuJang, YudongLee, DonghanYoun, Chun Ju , et al

Conference Paper Issue Date2019-05-05 View6

Kim, Je-HyungKo, Young-HoCho, Jong-HoiGong, Su-HyunKo, Suk-MinCho, Yong-Hoon

Article Issue Date2014-12 View4

Kim, Je-HyungKo, Young-HoGong, Su-HyunKo, Suk-MinCho, Yong-Hoon

Article Issue Date2013-07 View6