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2016-06A Survey on Visual Analysis Approaches for Financial DataKo, Sungahn; Cho, Isaac; Afzad, Shehzad; Yau, Calvin; Chae, Junghoon; Malik, Abish; Beck, Kaethe; Jang, Yun; Ebert, David S.; Ribarsky, WilliamARTICLE752
2016-06A Visual Analytics Framework for Microblog Data Analysis at Multiple Scales of AggregationZhang, Jiawei; Ahlbrand, Benjamin; Malik, Abish; Chae, Junghoon; Min, Zhiyu; Ko, Sungahn; Ebert, David SARTICLE706
2020-11A Visual Analytics System for Exploring, Monitoring, and Forecasting Road Traffic CongestionLee, Chunggi; Kim, Yeonjun; Jin, Seungmin; Kim, Dongmin; Maciejewski, Ross; Ebert, David; Ko, SungahnARTICLE452
2020-02An Assistive Tool for Authoring Visualization ThumbnailsKo, Sungahn; Parsad, GorakhMaster's thesis178
2019-08An Empirical Study of How Visualization Duplication Affects Visual AnalysisKo, Sungahn; Oh, JuyoungMaster's thesis224
2020-02An Empirical Study on Disclosing Exploratory Items in Recommender SystemsKo, Sungahn; Kim, KihwanMaster's thesis148
2011-11-15Applying mobile device soft keyboards to collaborative multitouch tabletop displays: design and evaluationKo, Sungahn; Kim, KyungTae; Kulkarni, Tejas; Elmqvist, NiklasCONFERENCE49
2013-01Automated Box-Cox Transformations for Improved Visual EncodingMaciejewski, Ross; Pattath, Avin; Ko, Sungahn; Hafen, Ryan; Cleveland, William; Ebert, DavidARTICLE757
2020-04-27GUIComp: A GUI Design Assistant with Real-Time, Multi-Faceted FeedbackLee, Chunggi; Kim, Sanghoon; Han, Dongyun; Yang, Hongjun; Park, Young-Woo; Kwon, Bum Chul; Ko, SungahnCONFERENCE134
2020-02GUIComp: A GUI Design Assistant with Real-Time, Multi-Faceted FeedbackKo, Sungahn; Lee, ChunggiMaster's thesis178
2012-06MarketAnalyzer: An Interactive Visual Analytics System for Analyzing Competitive Advantage Using Point of Sale DataKo, Sungahn; Maciejewski, Ross; Jang, Yun; Ebert, DavidARTICLE866
2019-06-17Modeling Exploration/Exploitation Decisions through Mobile Sensing for Understanding Mechanisms of Addiction (poster)Kim, Kihwan; Kim, Sanghoon; Lee, Chunggi; Ko, SungahnCONFERENCE60
2015-01Multi-aspect visual analytics on large-scale high-dimensional cyber security dataChen, Victor Y.; Razip, Ahmad M.; Ko, Sungahn; Qian, Cheryl Z.; Ebert, David S.ARTICLE626
2009-11NLE-FFS: A flash file system with PRAM for non-linear editingSeo Man-Keun; Ko, Sungahn; Park Youngwoo; Park Kyu HoARTICLE808
2020-10-19ST-GRAT: A Novel Spatio-temporal Graph Attention Networks for Accurately Forecasting Dynamically Changing Road SpeedPark, Cheonbok; Lee, Chunggi; Bahng, Hyojin; Tae, Yunwon; Jin, Seungmin; Kim, Kihwan; Ko, Sungahn; Choo, JaegulCONFERENCE39
2019-06-17System Architecture for Progressive Augmented Reality (poster)Han, Yunha; Lee, Chunggi; Kim, Sanghoon; Ko, SungahnCONFERENCE47
2019-10-23Thumbnails for Data Stories: A Survey of Current PracticesKim, Hwiyeon; Oh, Juyoung; Han, Yunha; Ko, Sungahn; Brehmer, Mattew; Kwon, Bum ChulCONFERENCE107
2021-02Thumbnails for Data Stories: What Makes Visualization Thumbnails Inviting and Interpretable?Ko, Sungahn; Kim, HwiyeonMaster's thesis18
2014-12VASA: Interactive Computational Steering of Large Asynchronous Simulation Pipelines for Societal InfrastructureKo, Sungahn; Zhao, Jieqiong; Xia, Jing; Afzal, Shehzad; Wang, Xiaoyu; Abram, Greg; Elmqvist, Niklas; Kne, Len; Van Riper, David; Gaither, Kelly; Kennedy, Shaun; Tolone, William; Ribarsky, William; Ebert, David S.ARTICLE788
Showing results 1 to 20 of 23