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2008-013D framework structure of a new lithium thiophosphate, LiTi2(PS4)(3), as lithium insertion hostsKim, Youngsik; Arumugam, Nachiappan; Goodenough, John B.ARTICLE1047
2021-013D Ion-Conducting, Scalable, and Mechanically Reinforced Ceramic Film for High Voltage Solid-State BatteriesKim, Hyun Woo; Han, Jinhyup; Lim, Young Jun; Choi, YunSeok; Lee, Eungje; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE475
2015-12A hybrid solid electrolyte for flexible solid-state sodium batteriesKim, Jae-Kwang; Lim, Young Jun; Kim, Hyojin; Cho, Gyu-Bong; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE777
2016-12A Metal-Organic Framework Derived Porous Cobalt Manganese Oxide Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Hybrid Na-Air/Seawater BatteriesAbirami, Mari; Hwang, Soo Min; Yang, Juchan; Senthilkumar, Sirugaloor Thangavel; Kim, Junsoo; Go, Woo-Seok; Senthilkumar, Baskar; Song, Hyun-Kon; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE764
2013-08A new chemical route for the synthesis of beta '-LixV2O5 for use as a high performance cathodeAsl, Nina Mahootcheian; Kim, Jung-Hyun; Lee, Wen Chao; Liu, Zhongyi; Lu, Peng; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE785
2014-09A New High Power LiNi0.81Co0.1Al0.09O2 Cathode Material for Lithium-Ion BatteriesJo, Minki; Noh, Mijung; Oh, Pilgun; Kim, Youngsik; Cho, JaephilARTICLE1160
2015-01A New Oxyfluorinated Titanium Phosphate Anode for A High-Energy Lithium-Ion BatteryMa, Zhaohui; Sun, Chunwen; Lyu, Yingchun; Wang, Yuesheng; Kim, Youngsik; Chen, LiquanARTICLE831
2018-10A novel rechargeable hybrid Na-seawater flow battery using bifunctional electrocatalytic carbon sponge as cathode current collectorZhang, Yanjun; Park, Jeong-Sun; Senthilkumar, Sirugaloor Thangavel; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE450
2014-11A novel surface treatment method and new insight into discharge voltage deterioration for high-performance 0.4Li2MnO3-0.6LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 Cathode MaterialsOh, Pilgun; Ko, Minseong; Myeong, Seungjun; Kim, Youngsik; Cho, JaephilARTICLE1093
2009Access to M3+/M2+ Redox Couples in Layered LiMS2 Sulfides (M=Ti, V, Cr) as Anodes for Li-Ion BatteryKim, Youngsik; Park, Kyu-sung; Song, Sang-hoon; Han, Jiantao; Goodenough, John B.ARTICLE904
2018-06Advanced perspective on the synchronized bifunctional activities of P2-type materials to implement an interconnected voltage profile for seawater batteries daggerManikandan, Palanisamy; Kishor, Koshal; Han, Jinhyup; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE714
2021-12Alkali-Metal-Mediated Reversible Chemical Hydrogen Storage Using SeawaterSharma, Pankaj; Han, Jinhyup; Park, Jaehyun; Kim, Dong Yeon; Lee, Jinho; Oh, Dongrak; Kim, Namsu; Seo, Dong-Hwa; Kim, Youngsik; Kang, Seok Ju; Hwang, Soo Min; Jang, Ji-WookARTICLE78
2019-02All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries using Sheet-Type Electrodes and Solid Electrolyte Films and Their Diagnostic StudyKim, Youngsik; Nam, Young JinDoctoral thesis1129
2016-12Ammonium Fluoride Mediated Synthesis of Anhydrous Metal Fluoride-Mesoporous Carbon Nanocomposites for High-Performance Lithium Ion Battery CathodesChun, Jinyoung; Jo, Changshin; Sagong, Sunhye; Kim, Min Gyu; Lim, Eunho; Kim, Dong Hyeon; Hwang, Jongkook; Kang, Eunae; Ryu, Keun Ah; Jung, Yoon Seok; Kim, Youngsik; Lee, JinwooARTICLE754
2020-08An epoxy-reinforced ceramic sheet as a durable solid electrolyte for solid state Na-ion batteriesLim, Young Jun; Han, Jinhyup; Kim, Hyun Woo; Choi, YunSeok; Lee, Eungje; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE291
2016-10Analysis of geometric and electrochemical characteristics of lithium cobalt oxide electrode with different packing densitiesLim, Cheolwoong; Yan, Bo; Kang, Huixiao; Song, Zhibin; Lee, Wen Chao; De Andrade, Vincent; De Carlo, Francesco; Yin, Leilei; Kim, Youngsik; Zhu, LikunARTICLE1006
2006-08Anomalous ionic conductivity increase in Li2S+GeS2+GeO2 glassesKim, Youngsik; Saienga, Jason; Martin, Steve W.ARTICLE717
2011-04Aqueous Cathode for Next-Generation Alkali-Ion BatteriesLu, Yuhao; Goodenough, John B.; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE776
2016-07Atomic structural and electrochemical impact of Fe substitution on nano porous LiMnPO4Seo, Inseok; Senthilkumar, B.; Kim, Kwang-Ho; Kim, Jae-Kwang; Kim, Youngsik; Ahn, Jou-HyeonARTICLE775
2018-12Binary N,S-doped carbon nanospheres from bio-inspired artificial melanosomes: A route to efficient air electrodes for seawater batteriesKhan, Ziyauddin; Park, Sung O.; Yang, Juchan; Park, Seungyoung; Shanker, Ravi; Song, Hyun-Kon; Kim, Youngsik; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Ko, HyunhyubARTICLE645
Showing results 1 to 20 of 179