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2014-05Assessment of surface-local strains from remnant microindents on a Zr-based metallic glassLee, Yun-Hee; Kim, Yongil; Kim, Young-Cheon; Kim, Ju-Young; Jang, Jae-ilARTICLE990
2015-02Electrochemical Performance and Failure Mechanism of Phosphorus/Graphite Composite as an Anode for Na-ion BatteriesLee, Kyu Tae; Kim, YongilMaster's thesis1331
2019-10Emergence of rechargeable seawater batteriesSenthilkumar, S. T.; Go, Wooseok; Han, Jinhyup; Pham Thi Thuy, Linh; Kishor, Koshal; Kim, Yongil; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE328
2016-04Encapsulation of organic active materials in carbon nanotubes for application to high-electrochemical-performance sodium batteriesKim, Jae-Kwang; Kim, Yongil; Park, Seungyoung; Ko, Hyunhyub; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE847
2018-02High energy density rechargeable metal-free seawater batteries: a phosphorus/carbon composite as a promising anode materialKim, Yongil; Hwang, Soo Min; Yu, Hyein; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE590
2019-08Improvement of reversibility and high energy density of phosphorus anode material for Na-ion based battery systems (SIBs & SWBs)Kim, Youngsik; Kim, YongilDoctoral thesis213
2015-04-10Inhibiting the Shuttle Effect by a Ion-permselective Separator for High Performance Lithium-sulfur BatteriesKim, Byeong-Su; Gu, Minsu; Lee, Jukyoung; Lee, Kyu Tae; Kim, YongilCONFERENCE60
2014-09Inhibiting the shuttle effect in lithium-sulfur batteries using a layer-by-layer assembled ion-permselective separatorGu, Minsu; Lee, Jukyoun; Kim, Yongil; Kim, Joon Soo; Jang, Bo Yun; Lee, Kyu Tae; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE870
2019-01Large-scale stationary energy storage: Seawater batteries with high rate and reversible performanceKim, Yongil; Kim, Guk-Tae; Jeong, Sangsik; Dou, Xinwei; Geng, Chenxi; Kim, Youngsik; Passerini, StefanoARTICLE854
2016-02Na ion- Conducting Ceramic as Solid Electrolyte for Rechargeable Seawater BatteriesKim, Yongil; Kim, Hyojin; Park, Sangmin; Seo, Inseok; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE594
2018-04Optimized hard carbon derived from starch for rechargeable seawater batteriesKim, Yongil; Kim, Jae-Kwang; Vaalma, Christoph; Bae, Geun Hyeong; Kim, Guk-Tae; Passerini, Stefano; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE589
2015-10Predictions of frame compliance and apex morphology in sharp nanoindentationsKim, Ki-Bok; Lee Yun-Hee; Kim, Yongil; Park, Jongseo; Ahn, Seung-min; Kim, Ju-YoungARTICLE913
2019-05Rechargeable Seawater Batteries-From Concept to ApplicationsHwang, Soo Min; Park, Jeong-Sun; Kim, Yongil; Go, Wooseok; Han, Jinhyup; Kim, Youngjin; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE571
2020-05Redox-Active Functional Electrolyte for High-Performance Seawater BatteriesLee, Seyoung; Cho, Il Young; Kim, Dowan; Park, Nam Kyu; Park, Jaehyun; Kim, Yongil; Kang, Seok Ju; Kim, Youngsik; Hong, Sung YouARTICLE286
2021-09Redox-Mediated Red-Phosphorous Semi-Liquid Anode Enabling Metal-Free Rechargeable Na-Seawater Batteries with High Energy DensityKim, Yongil; Varzi, Alberto; Mariani, Alessandro; Kim, Guk-Tae; Kim, Youngsik; Passerini, StefanoARTICLE39
2015-01SnSe alloy as a promising anode material for Na-ion batteriesKim, Youngjin; Kim, Yongil; Park, Yuwon; Jo, Yong Nam; Kim, Young-Jun; Choi, Nam-Soon; Lee, Kyu TaeARTICLE942
2020-06Sodium Biphenyl as Anolyte for Sodium-Seawater BatteriesKim, Yongil; Jung, Jaeho; Yu, Hyein; Kim, Guk-Tae; Jeong, Dasong; Bresser, Dominic; Kang, Seok Ju; Kim, Youngsik; Passerini, StefanoARTICLE160
2014-04Thermal Reactions of Lithiated and Delithiated Sulfur Electrodes in Lithium-Sulfur BatteriesSong, Juhye; Lee, Sung Jun; Kim, Yongil; Kim, Sung-Soo; Lee, Kyu Tae; Choi, Nam-SoonARTICLE791
2014-06Tin phosphide as a promising anode material for Na-ion batteriesKim, Youngjin; Kim, Yongil; Choi, Aram; Woo, Sangwon; Mok, Duckgyun; Choi, Nam-Soon; Jung, Yoon Seok; Ryu, Ji Heon; Oh, Seung M.; Lee, Kyu TaeARTICLE992
2006-07나노압흔의 3차원 형상분석을 통한 압입경도의 정밀측정Lee, Yun-Hee; Kim, Ju-Young; Kim, Yongil; Nahm, Seunghoon; Kwon, DongilARTICLE942
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