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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2018-06-18Augmented skeleton space transfer for depth-based hand pose estimationBaek, Seungryul; Kim, Kwang In; Kim, TKCONFERENCE78
2016-06-07Ion-scale turbulence measurements in KSTAR L-mode dischargesLee, Woochang; Park, Hyeon Keo; Leem, J; Yun, GS; Ko, SH; Park, YS; Kim, TK; Park, H; Lim, KW; Domier, CW; Luhmann, Jr, NCCONFERENCE40
2016-05-01Long-life small modular Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor Core design with breed-and-burn strategyPark. Jinsu; Tak, Taewoo; Choe, Jiwon; Jeong, Yongjin; Lee, Deokjung; Kim, TKCONFERENCE35
2018-09-03Multi-task deep networks for depth-based 6D object pose and joint registration in crowd scenariosSock, J.; Kim, Kwang In; Sahin, C; Kim, TKCONFERENCE36
2016-10Power flattening study of ultra-long cycle fast reactor using thorium fuelTak, Taewoo; Zheng, Youqi; Lee, Deokjung; Kim, TKARTICLE793
2012-04-15Preliminary Design of Ultra-long Cycle Fast Reactor Employing Breed-and-burn StrategyLee, Deokjung; Tak, TW; Yu, H; Kim, JH; Kim, TKCONFERENCE33
2016-02-24Quasi-coherent mode observation in KSTAR ohmic plasmas with microwave imaging reflectometryPark, Hyeon Keo; Lee, JA; Lee, Woochang; Leem, June-eok; Yun, Gunsu; Kim, TK; Park, H; Kim, KW; Park, YS; Ko, SH; Domier, CW; Luhmann, Jr., NC; the KSTAR teamCONFERENCE30
2015-02-25Radial electric field prediction with MIR / Preliminary result of weak magnetic perturbation on edge turbulence experimentPark, Hyeon Keo; Lee, WooChang; Leem, June-EoK; Lee, Ji Hun; Yun, GunSu; Ko, SH; Ko, WH; Lee, KD; Nam,YU; Park, YS; Kim, TK; Park, H; Kim, Kang Wook; Domier, CW; Luhmann,Jr, NCCONFERENCE42
2016-02-24Spatial and temporal scales of ion-scale turbulence in L-mode dischargesPark, Hyeon Keo; Lee, Woochang; Leem, June-eok; Lee, JA; Choi, Minjun; Yun, Gunsu; Ko, SH; Park, YS; Bundy, RV; Wang, WX; Ethier, S; Kim, TK; Park, H; Domier, CW; Luhmann, Jr., NC; the KSTAR teamCONFERENCE32
2015-08-17Study for requirement of advanced long life small modular fast reactorTak, Taewoo; Choe, Jiwon; Jeong, Yongjin; Lee, Deokjung; Kim, TKCONFERENCE30
Showing results 1 to 10 of 10