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2017-10A comprehensive study of piezomagnetic response in CrPS4 monolayer: mechanical, electronic properties and magnetic ordering under strainsJoe, Minwoong; Lee, Hosik; Alyoruk, M. Menderes; Lee, Jinhwan; Kim, Sung Youb; Lee, Changgu; Lee, Jun HeeARTICLE970
2014-09A mirror for lab-based quasi-monochromatic parallel x-raysNguyen, Thanhhai; Lu, Xun; Lee, Chang Jun; Jung, Jin-Ho; Jin, Gye-Hwan; Kim, Sung Youb; Jeon, InsuARTICLE790
2006-02A quasicontinuum method for deformations of carbon nanotubesPark, Jong Youn; Cho, Young-Sam; Kim, Sung Youb; Jun, Sukky; Im, SeyoungARTICLE734
2016-04-07A study on coefficient of thermal expansion of metal nanowiresHo, Duc Tam; Kim, Sung YoubCONFERENCE150
2016-07-10A study on Failure Modes of Nanoscale MaterialsHo Duc Tam; Kim, Sung YoubCONFERENCE105
2015-11-12A Study on the Ideal Tensile Strength of Nanoscale MetalsHo, Duc Tam; Jeon, In Ha; Kim, Sung YoubCONFERENCE138
2013-12-11A study on the Twinning Energy for NiTi Alloys using First Principles CalculationPark, Soon-Dong; Ho, Duc Tam; Kim, Sung YoubCONFERENCE169
2021-03Ab initio investigations of the interfacial bond of Fe(001)/Al(001)Park, Soon-Dong; Kim, Sung Youb; Kim, DaeyongARTICLE227
2007-05Action-based pathway Modeling for atomic surface diffusionKim, Sung Youb; Lee, In-Ho; Jun, SukkyARTICLE727
2009-09ACTION-DERIVED AB INITIO MOLECULAR DYNAMICSJun, S.; Pendurti, S.; Lee, I. -H.; Kim, Sung Youb; Park, H. S.; Kim, Y. -H.ARTICLE858
2006-01Adatom-assisted structural transformations of fullerenesLee, In-H0; Jun, Sukky; Kim, Hanchul; Kim, Sung YoubARTICLE838
2016-07-25An atomic study on elastic instability of nanoscale materialsHo Duc Tam; Kim, Sung YoubCONFERENCE116
2004-05An introductory overview of action-derived molecular dynamics for multiple time-scale simulationsLee, In-Ho; Kim, Sung Youb; Jun, SukkyARTICLE819
2013-12-12Atomistic calculations for the mechanical instability of nanoscale structuresHo, Duc Tam; Park, Soon-Dong; Kim, Sung YoubCONFERENCE166
2008-02Atomistic calculations of interface elastic properties in noncoherent metallic bilayersMi, Changwen; Jun, Sukky; Kouris, Demitris A.; Kim, Sung YoubARTICLE796
2007-08-27Atomistic simulation of the energy barrier for dislocation movement in SiKim, Sung Youb; Im, S; Earmme, YYCONFERENCE86
2005-10Atomistic simulations of incipient plasticity under A1(111) nanoindentationLee, Youngmin; Park, Jong Youn; Kim, Sung Youb; Jun, Sukky; Im, SeyoungARTICLE813
2016-12Auxetic nanomaterials: Recent progress and future developmentJiang, Jin-Wu; Kim, Sung Youb; Park, Harold S.ARTICLE854
2016-09-12Auxeticity due to elastic instabilitiesHo, Duc Tam; Kim, Sung YoubCONFERENCE121
2019-01Auxeticity in Metals and Periodic Metallic Porous Structures Induced by Elastic InstabilitiesHo, Duc Tam; Nguyen, Cao Thang; Kwon, Soon-Yong; Kim, Sung YoubARTICLE670
Showing results 1 to 20 of 143