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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2021-02Bringing Everyday Design into People’s Life: Design Considerations for Facilitating Everyday Design BehaviourKim, Chajoong; Kim, SoyoungDoctoral thesis55
2017-12CH4 enclathration in tetra-iso-amyl ammonium bromide (TiAAB) semiclathrate and its significance for natural gas storageKim, Soyoung; Kim, Ki-Sub; Seo, YongwonARTICLE577
2017-01CO2 capture from flue gas using clathrate formation in the presence of thermodynamic promotersKim, Soyoung; Choi, Sung-Deuk; Seo, YongwonARTICLE935
2015-10-28CO2 Capture from Flue Gas Using Quaternary Ammonium Salts SemiclathrateKim, Soyoung; Seo, YongwonCONFERENCE34
2015-04-23Effects of Thermodynamic Promoters on Clathrate-based CO2 Capture from Flue GasKim, Soyoung; Seo, YongwonCONFERENCE27
2015-04-23Exeprimental Verification of Cyclopentane Hydrates with Guest Molecules for Potential Applications to Desalination and Gas StorageLee, Junseob; Lee, Yohan; Kim, Soyoung; Seo, YongwonCONFERENCE31
2019-09-04Exploring Parental Experience at Children's Hospital: Design Recommendations for Their Needs and WishesKim, Soyoung; Min, Kyoung Wook; Yoon, Jungkyoon; Kim, ChajoongCONFERENCE60
2018-02Exploring the effects of contextual factors on home lighting experienceJung, Jooyoung; Cho, Kwangmin; Kim, Soyoung; Kim, ChajoongARTICLE688
2015-02Guest gas enclathration in tetra-n-butyl ammonium chloride (TBAC) semiclathrates: Potential application to natural gas storage and CO2 captureKim, Soyoung; Baek, Il-Hyun; You, Jong-Kyun; Seo, YongwonARTICLE678
2016-07-07Guest Gas Enclathration in Tetra-n-butylammonium Chloride (TBAC) Semiclathrates as Revealed by Phase Equilibria and Spectroscopic AnalysesKim, Soyoung; Lee, Yohan; Seo, YongwonCONFERENCE33
2015-03-24Guest gas enclathration in the tetra-n-butyl ammonium chloride (TBAC) semiclathrates: potential application to CO2 captureSeo, Yongwon; Kim, Soyoung; Kang, Seong-PilCONFERENCE28
2015-07-07Influences of large molecular alcohols on phase behavior and structural characteristics of CO2 hydratesKim, Eunae; Kim, Soyoung; Lee, Yohan; Jin, Young Keun; Seo, YongwonCONFERENCE33
2020-01Phase equilibria of tetra-iso-amyl ammonium bromide (TiAAB) semiclathrates with CO2, N-2, or CO2 + N-2Kim, Soyoung; Ko, Gyeol; Kim, Ki-Sub; Seo, YongwonARTICLE216
2016-04Phase equilibria, dissociation enthalpies, and Raman spectroscopic analyses of N2 + tetra-n-butyl ammonium chloride (TBAC) semiclathratesKim, Soyoung; Baek, Il-Hyun; You, Jong Kyun; Seo, YongwonARTICLE589
2015-10-22Post-combustion CO2 Capture Using Clathrate Formation: Effects of Thermodynamic PromotersKim, Soyoung; Seo, YongwonCONFERENCE27
2018-06-16Product Characteristic as Trigger for Everyday DesigningKim, Soyoung; Christiaans, Henri; Kim, ChajoongCONFERENCE51
2015-07-07Quaternary Ammonium Salt Semiclathrates-Based CO2 Capture from Flue Gas MixturesKim, Soyoung; Lee, Yohan; Kim, Eunae; Kang, Seong-Pil; Seo, YongwonCONFERENCE38
2019-08-07Reviving everyday products by understanding the user behaviour of everyday designingKim, Soyoung; Yoon, JungKyoon; Kim, ChajoongCONFERENCE56
2015-09Semiclathrate-based CO2 capture from flue gas in the presence of tetra-n-butyl ammonium chloride (TBAC)Kim, Soyoung; Kang, Seong-Pil; Seo, YongwonARTICLE944
2015-09Semiclathrate-based CO2 capture from flue gas mixtures: An experimental approach with thermodynamic and Raman spectroscopic analysesKim, Soyoung; Seo, YongwonARTICLE678
Showing results 1 to 20 of 27