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2023-06Chiral electroluminescence from thin-film perovskite metacavitiesKim, Seongheon; An, Soo-Chan; Kim, Younggon; Shin, Yun Seop; Antonov, Alexander A.; Seo, In Cheol; Woo, Byung Hoon; Lim, Yeonsoo; Gorkunov, Maxim V.; Kivshar, Yuri S.; Kim, Jin Young; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE538
2021-08Circularly Polarized Emission from Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Perovskites via Chiral Fano ResonancesSeo, In Cheol; Lim, Yeonsoo; An, Soo-Chan; Woo, Byung Hoon; Kim, Seongheon; Son, Jung Geon; Yoo, SeokJae; Park, Q-Han; Kim, Jin Young; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE414
2020-09Fourier-plane investigation of plasmonic bound states in the continuum and molecular emission couplingSeo, In Cheol; Kim, Seongheon; Woo, Byung Hoon; Chung, Il-Sug; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE605
2023-02Maximally Chiral Emission via Chiral Quasibound States in the ContinuumLim, Yeonsoo; Seo, In Cheol; An, Soo-Chan; Kim, Younggon; Park, Chaejin; Woo, Byung Hoon; Kim, Seongheon; Park, Hyeong‐Ryeol; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE1214
2022-02Suppression of halide migration and immobile ionic surface passivation for blue perovskite light-emitting diodesPark, Chan Beom; Shin, Yun Seop; Yoon, Yung Jin; Jang, Hyungsu; Son, Jung Geon; Kim, Seongheon; An, Na Gyeong; Kim, Jae Won; Jun, Young Chul; Kim, Gi-Hwan; Kim, Jin YoungARTICLE384
2021-12Topological Control of 2D Perovskite Emission in the Strong Coupling RegimeKim, Seongheon; Woo, Byung Hoon; An, Soo-Chan; Lim, Yeonsoo; Seo, In Cheol; Kim, Dai-Sik; Yoo, SeokJae; Park, Q-Han; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE535
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6