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2004-042,2 ',4,6,6 '-pentachlorobiphenyl induces mitotic arrest and p53 activationShin, KJ; Kim, SH; Kim, D; Kirn, YH; Lee, HW; Chang, YS; Gu, MB; Ryu, SH; Suh, Pann-GhillARTICLE1042
2005-022,2 ',4,6,6 '-pentachlorobiphenyl-induced apoptosis is limited by cyclooxygenase-2 inductionKim, SH; Kim, YH; Shin, KJ; Oh, YS; Lee, CS; Kang, KO; Ryu, SH; Suh, Pann-GhillARTICLE1046
2000-02CHF detection using spationtemporal neural network and wavelet transformKim, SH; Bang, In Cheol; Baek, WP; Chang, SH; Moon, SKARTICLE937
2017-07Cobll1 is linked to drug resistance and blastic transformation in chronic myeloid leukemiaHan, SH; Kim, SH; Kim, HJ; Lee, Y; Choi, SY; Park, G; Kim, DH; Lee, A; Kim, J; Choi, JM; Kim, Y; Myung, Kyungjae; Kim, Hongtae; Kim, DWARTICLE918
2006-07Development of novel red phosphorescent iridium complex with phenyl-isoquinoline ligand for organic electrolumine scent deviceKim, DU; Paik, SH; Kim, SH; Tak, YH; Kim, SD; Kim, KD; Kim, KH; Ko, TH; Yoon, UC; Han, YS; Jeong, YC; Park, LSARTICLE797
2005-08Effects of B2H6 pretreatment on ALD of W film using a sequential supply of WF6 and SiH4Kim, SH; Hwang, ES; Kim, BM; Lee, JW; Sun, HJ; Hong, TE; Kim, JK; Sohn, H; Kim, J; Yoon, Tae-SikARTICLE244
2015-12-09Electrocatalytic Acivation Behavior of a Ni-P/TiO2 nanocomposite thin film in high-temperature alkaline waterKim, Ji Hyun; Kim, SH; Kim, JWCONFERENCE132
2013-04-14Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy analysis of ht9, gr.92 and sic in liquid sodium environment for ucfr applicationShin, SH; Kim, JJ; Choi, KJ; Choi, SI; Kim, SH; Choi, AY; Kim, Ji HyunCONFERENCE209
2006-06Fabrication method and thermal conductivity assessment of molybdenum-precipitated uranium dioxide pelletsKim, SH; Joung, CY; Kim, HS; Lee, YW; Ryu, HJ; Sohn, Dong-Seong; Kim, DJARTICLE750
2013-04-14Feasibility study of fuel cladding performance for ultra-long cycle fast reactor (ucfr) applicationJung, JA; Kim, SH; Shin, SH; Bang, In Cheol; Kim, JHCONFERENCE160
1998-05Femtosecond four-wave mixing experiments on GaAs quantum wells using two independently tunable lasersKim, DS; Sohn, JY; Yahng, JS; Ahn, YH; Yee, KJ; Yee, DS; Jho, YD; Hohng, SC; Kim, DH; Kim, WS; Woo, JC; Meier, T; Koch, SW; Woo, DH; Kim, EK; Kim, SHARTICLE123
2017-10Forebrain-specific ablation of phospholipase C gamma 1 causes manic-like behaviorYang, YR; Jung, JH; Kim, SJ; Hamada, K; Suzuki, A; Kim, HJ; Lee, JH; Kwon, OB; Lee, YK; Kim, J; Kim, EK; Jang, HJ; Kang, DS; Choi, JS; Lee, CJ; Marshall, J; Koh, HY; Kim, CJ; Seok, H; Kim, SH; Choi, Jang Hyun; Choi, YB; Cocco, L; Ryu, SH; Kim, JH; Suh, Pann-GhillARTICLE1093
2015-02-24High-temperature Corrosion Characteristics of Nano-particle Enhanced Coatings for Secondary Piping Systems of Nuclear Power PlantsKim, Ji Hyun; Kim, SH; Kim, JWCONFERENCE133
2015-08-10High-temperature Corrosion Characteristics of Nano-structured Coatings in Secondary System of Nuclear Power PlantsKim, Ji Hyun; Kim, SH; Kim, JWCONFERENCE138
2015-05-25High-temperature Corrosion Characteristics of Nano-structured Coatings in Secondary System of Nuclear Power PlantsKim, Ji Hyun; Kim, SH; Kim, JWCONFERENCE199
2006-06Inhibition of phospholipase c-beta 1-mediated signaling by O-GlcNAc modificationKim, YH; Song, M; Oh, YS; Heo, K; Choi, JW; Park, JM; Kim, SH; Lim, S; Kwon, H. Moo; Ryu, SH; Suh, Pann-GhillARTICLE836
1999-11Low-energy electron point source microscope with position-sensitive electron energy analyzerPark, JY; Kim, SH; Suh, Yung Doug; Park, WG; Kuk, YARTICLE41
2006-06Mechanical characterization of nano-structured materials using nanoindentationKim, Ju-Young; Kim, SH; Lee, JS; Lee, KW; Kwon, DARTICLE869
2006-03New architecture for high-efficiency polymer photovoltaic cells using solution-based titanium oxide as an optical spacerKim, Jin Young; Kim, SH; Lee, HH; Lee, K; Ma, WL; Gong, X; Heeger, AJARTICLE1995
2006-02Nonlinear analysis of prestressed concrete structures considering slip behavior of tendonsKwak, HG; Kim, Jae Hong; Kim, SHARTICLE820
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