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2016-12A highly active and stable palladium catalyst on a g-C3N4 support for direct formic acid synthesis under neutral conditionsPark, Hunmin; Lee, Ju Hyung; Kim, Eun Hyup; Kim, Kwang Young; Choi, Yo Han; Youn, DH; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE608
2017-11Auto-Reduction Behavior of Cobalt on Graphitic Carbon Nitride Coated Alumina Supports for Fischer-Tropsch SynthesisPark, Hunmin; Kim, Kwang Young; Youn, Duck Hyun; Choi, Yo Han; Kim, Won Young; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE334
2020-08Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles to Form a Catalytic Co-Fe Alloy Carbide Phase for Selective CO2 Hydrogenation to Light OlefinsKim, Kwang Young; Lee, Hojeong; Noh, Woo Yeong; Shin, Jungho; Han, Seung Ju; Kim, Seok Ki; An, Kwangjin; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE97
2020-09Immobilizing single atom catalytic sites onto highly reduced carbon hosts: Fe-N-4/CNT as a durable oxygen reduction catalyst for Na-air batteriesNoh, Woo Yeong; Kim, Eun Mi; Kim, Kwang Young; Kim, Jin Hyun; Jeong, Hu Young; Sharma, Pankaj; Lee, Geunsik; Jang, Ji-Wook; Joo, Sang Hoon; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE78
2020-10Recycling Carbon Dioxide through Catalytic Hydrogenation: Recent Key Developments and PerspectivesRa, Eun Cheol; Kim, Kwang Young; Kim, Eun Hyup; Lee, Hojeong; An, Kwangjin; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE112
2019-04Reduced perovskite LaNiO 3 catalysts modified with Co and Mn for low coke formation in dry reforming of methaneKim, Won Yong; Jang, Jum Suk; Ra, Eun Cheol; Kim, Kwang Young; Kim, Eun Hyup; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE239
2017-12Sodium-Containing Spinel Zinc Ferrite as a Catalyst Precursor for the Selective Synthesis of Liquid Hydrocarbon FuelsChoi, Yo Han; Ra, Eun Cheol; Kim, Eun Hyup; Kim, Kwang Young; Jang, Youn Jeong; Kang, Kyeong-Nam; Choi, Sun Hee; Jang, Ji-Hyun; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE601
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7