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2003-09A process integration of high-performance 64-kb MRAMKim, H.J.; Jeong, W.C.; Koh, K.H.; Jeong, G.T.; Park, J.H.; Lee, S.Y.; Oh, J.H.; Song, I.H.; Jeong, H.S.; Kim, K.ARTICLE125
2012-03Charge-Orbital Density Wave and Superconductivity in the Strong Spin-Orbit Coupled IrTe2:PdYang, J. J.; Choi, Y. J.; Oh, Yoon Seok; Hogan, A.; Horibe, Y.; Kim, K.; Min, B. I.; Cheong, S-W.ARTICLE648
2017-12CUT-PCR: CRISPR-mediated, ultrasensitive detection of target DNA using PCRLee, S. H.; Yu, J.; Hwang, G-H; Kim, S.; Kim, H. S.; Ye, S.; Kim, K.; Park, J.; Park, D. Y.; Cho, Yoon-Kyoung; Kim, J-S; Bae, S.ARTICLE480
2006-09Development process and data management of TurnSTEP: a STEP-compliant CNC system for turningChoi, I.; Suh, S.H.; Kim, K.; Song, Minseok; Jang, M.; Lee, B.E.ARTICLE1053
2006-04Field assisted spin switching in magnetic random access memoryJeong, W.C.; Park, J.H.; Oh, J.H.; Koh, G.H.; Jeong, G.T.; Jeong, H.S.; Kim, K.ARTICLE165
2016-10High-resolution, electrohydrodynamic inkjet printing of stretchable, metal oxide semiconductor transistors with high performancesKim, S,-Y.; Kim, K.; Hwang, Y.H.; Park, J.; Jang, J.; Nam, Y.; Kang, Y.; Kim, M.; Park, H.J.; Lee, Zonghoon; Choi, Jaehyouk; Kim, Y.; Jeong, S.; Bae, B.-S.; Park, Jang-UngARTICLE886
2002-09-16Motion planning of an AFM-based nanomanipulator in a sensor-based nanorobotic manipulation system. International Workshop on MicrofactoryKim, Taesung; Kim, D.-H.; Kim, B.; Kim, K.CONFERENCE4
2011-05Nitrogen contribution to N-doped GeTe (N: 8.4 at.%) in the structural phase transitionLee, Y. M.; Shin, H. J.; Choi, S. J.; Oh, J. H.; Jeong, H. S.; Kim, K.; Jung, M. -C.ARTICLE155
2019-11Overview of KSTAR research progress and future plans toward ITER and K-DEMOPark, Hyeon Keo; Choi, M. J.; Hong, S. H.; In, Y.; Jeon, Y. M.; Ko, J. S.; Ko, W. H.; Kwak, J. G.; Kwon, J. M.; Lee, J.; Lee, J. H.; Lee, W.; Nam, Y. B.; Oh, Y. K.; Park, B. H.; Park, J. K.; Park, Y. S.; Wang, S. J.; Yoo, M.; Yoon, S. W.; Bak, J. G.; Chang, C. S.; Choe, W. H.; Chu, Y.; Chung, J.; Eidietis, N.; Han, H. S.; Hahn, S. H.; Jhang, H. G.; Juhn, J. W.; Kim, J. H.; Kim, K.; Loarte, A.; Lee, H. H.; Lee, K. C.; Mueller, D.; Na, Y. S.; Nam, Y. U.; Park, G. Y.; Park, K. R.; Pitts, R. A.; Sabbagh, S. A.; Yun, G. S.ARTICLE269
2014-01PHYSICS AND EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS OF KSTAR ECHBae, Y. S.; Joung, M.; Jeong, J. H.; Yoon, S. W.; Kim, J. H.; Hahn, S. H.; Ko, W. H.; Lee, S. G.; Lee, K. D.; Yang, H. L.; Oh, Y. K.; Kwak, J. G.; Namkung, W.; Cho, M. H.; Park, Hyeon Keo; Kim, K.; Na, Y. -S.; Prater, R.; Gorelov, Y.; Lohr, J.; Ellis, R.; Hosea, J.; Sakamoto, K.; Kajiwara, K.; Oda, Y.; Tanaka, H.; Maekawa, T.; Hada, K.ARTICLE650
2019-05Tamed stability and transport using controlled non-axisymmetric fields in KSTARIn, Yongkyoon; Jeon, Y.M.; Park, J.-K.; Loarte, A.; Ahn, J.-W.; Lee, J.H.; Lee, H.H.; Park, G.Y.; Kim, K.; Kim, H.S.; Ko, W.H.; Rhee, T.; Kim, J.; Yoon, S.W.; Park, H.ARTICLE233
2010-08Temperature-dependent high-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study on Ge1Sb2Te4Lee, Y. M.; Jung, M-C.; Shin, H. J.; Kim, K.; Song, S. A.; Jeong, H. S.; Ko, C.; Han, M.ARTICLE141
2019-12Test of the ITER-like resonant magnetic perturbation configurations for edge-localized mode crash suppression on KSTARIn, Yongkyoon; Loarte, A.; Lee, H.H.; Kim, K.; Jeon, Y.M.; Park, J.-K.; Ahn, J.-W.; Park, G.Y.; Kim, M.; Park, Hyeon Keo; 3D Physics Task Force in KSTARARTICLE358
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