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2015-06-08Branching Effect on Rheological Properties of Polyethylene Liquids under Shear FlowKim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiCONFERENCE38
2016-02Communication: Role of short chain branching in polymer structure and dynamicsKim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE767
2017-04Effect of Chain Orientation and Stretch on the Stress Overshoot of Entangled Polymeric Materials under Start-up ShearJeong, Sohdam; Kim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE745
2017-12Effect of short-chain branching on interfacial polymer structure and dynamics under shear flowJeong, Sohdam; Kim, Jun Mo; Cho, Soowon; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE513
2018-06-11Effects of Short-Chain Branches on Structure and Dynamics of Ring Polymer Melts Using Molecular Dynamics SimulationsRoh, Eun Jeong; Kim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiCONFERENCE22
2016-04Influence of molecular architecture on the entanglement network: topological analysis of linear, long- and short-chain branched polyethylene melts via Monte Carlo simulationsJeong, Seung Heum; Kim, Jun Mo; Yoon, Jeongha; Tzoumanekas, Christos; Kroger, Martin; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE1037
2018-06-11Influence of Short- and Long-chain Branches on the Rheological Behaviors of Short-chain Branched H-shaped Polymers under Shear and Uniaxial Elongational FlowsJeong, Seung Heum; Kim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiCONFERENCE39
2018-06Interfacial Molecular Structure and Dynamics of Confined Ring Polymer Melts under Shear FlowJeong, Sohdam; Cho, Soowon; Kim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE621
2021-01Intrinsic chain stiffness in flexible linear polymers under extreme confinementKim, Jinseong; Kim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE52
2020-11Intrinsic Surface Characteristics and Dynamic Mechanisms of Ring Polymers in Solution and Melt under Shear FlowJeong, Seung Heum; Cho, Soowon; Roh, Eun Jung; Ha, Tae Yong; Kim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE70
2017-12Molecular characteristics of stress overshoot for polymer melts under start-up shear flowJeong, Sodam; Kim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE581
2017-08Molecular dynamics for linear polymer melts in bulk and confined systems under shear flowCho, Soowon; Jeong, Sohdam; Kim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE827
2019-06Molecular Dynamics Study on the Structure and Relaxation of Short-Chain Branched Ring Polymer MeltsRoh, Eun Jung; Kim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE302
2016-01Precise Analysis of Polymer Rotational DynamicsKim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE809
2018-09Rheological behaviors of H-shaped polymers incorporated with short branches under shear and elongational flows via FENE-Rouse modelJeong, Seung Heum; Kim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE448
2017-06Rheological Influence of Short-Chain Branching for Polymeric Materials under Shear with Variable Branch Density and Branching ArchitectureJeong, Seung Heum; Kim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE683
2019-11-15Scaling Characteristics of Rheology of Linear Polymer Melts in Shear FlowKim, Jun Mo; Cho, Soowon; Baig, ChunggiCONFERENCE78
2020-04Scaling Characteristics of Rotational Dynamics and Rheology of Linear Polymer Melts in Shear FlowCho, Soowon; Kim, Jun Mo; Baig, ChunggiARTICLE166
2019-04-26Structural and Dynamical Properties of Linear Polymer Melts in Strict and Quasi Two Dimensions using Computer SimulationsKim, Jun Mo; Kim, Jinseong; Baig, ChunggiCONFERENCE46
2018-06-12Structural and Rheological Behaviors of Interfacial Polymer under Shear Flow using Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics SimulationKim, Jun Mo; Jeong, Sohdam; Baig, ChunggiCONFERENCE33
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