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2013-12A new catalyst-embedded hierarchical air electrode for high-performance Li-O-2 batteriesLim, Hee-Dae; Song, Hyelynn; Gwon, Hyeokjo; Park, Kyu-Young; Kim, Jinsoo; Bae, Youngjoon; Kim, Hyungsub; Jung, Sung-Kyun; Kim, Taewoo; Kim, Yong Hyup; Lepro, Xavier; Ovalle-Robles, Raquel; Baughman, Ray H.; Kang, KisukARTICLE52
2021-01A novel approach to prepare Cu(I)Zn@MIL-100(Fe) adsorbent with high CO adsorption capacity, CO/CO2 selectivity and stability via controlled host-guest redox reactionLe, Van Nhieu; Vo, The Ky; Lee, Jeong Hyeon; Kim, Jin Chul; Kim, Tea-Hoon; Oh, Kwang Hyun; Bae, Youn-Sang; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kim, JinsooARTICLE101
2014-12-09Across-subject estimation of 3-back task performance using EEG signalsKim, Jinsoo; Kim, Min-Ki; Wallraven, C; Kim, Sung-PhilCONFERENCE131
2011-10Application of transparent dye-sensitized solar cells to building integrated photovoltaic systemsYoon, Sanghoon; Tak, Sehyun; Kim, Jinsoo; Jun, Yongseok; Kang, Kisuk; Park, JiyoungARTICLE781
2022-01Catalytic pyrolysis of spent coffee waste for upgrading sustainable bio-oil in a bubbling fluidized-bed reactor: Experimental and techno-economic analysisLy, Hoang Vu; Lee, Boreum; Sim, Jae Wook; Tran, Quoc Khanh; Kim, Seung-Soo; Kim, Jinsoo; Brigljevic, Boris; Hwang, Hyun Tae; Lim, HankwonARTICLE13
2014-10-22Coherent neural responses of human populations during watching movieKang, Da-Yoon; Kim, Jinsoo; Shin, Young-Seok; Jang, Dong-Pyo; Kim, Sung-PhilCONFERENCE103
2014-06-24Development of passive BCIs for user-state monitoring with smart IT systemsKim, Jinsoo; Kim, Min-Ki; Kim, Sung-PhilCONFERENCE94
2019-01Differences in the synchronization of alpha oscillations between anterior and posterior brain regionsSin, Duho; Kim, Min-Ki; Kim, Jinsoo; Kim, Sung-PhilARTICLE536
2020-11Enhanced hydrolytic and electrical stability of eco-friendly processed polyimide gate dielectrics for organic transistorsJeong, Yuri; Park, Hyunjin; So, Yujin; Mun, Hyun Jung; Shin, Tae Joo; Park, No Kyun; Kim, Jinsoo; Yoo, Sungmi; Won, Jong Chan; Kim, Yun HoARTICLE173
2020-08Exploring 3 DOF upper limb dummy design method for upper limb impedance analysisKang, Sang Hoon; Kim, JinsooMaster's thesis228
2019-07Fast pyrolysis of acid-washed oil palm empty fruit bunch for bio-oil production in a bubbling fluidized-bed reactorPark, Jeong-Woo; Heo, Juheon; Ly, Hoang Vu; Kim, Jinsoo; Lim, Hankwon; Kim, Seung-SooARTICLE180
2014-01First-Principles Study of the Reaction Mechanism in Sodium Oxygen BatteriesLee, Byungju; Seo, Dong-Hwa; Lim, Hee-Dae; Park, Inchul; Park, Kyu-Young; Kim, Jinsoo; Kang, KisukARTICLE228
2015-11Investigation of engagement of viewers in movie trailers using electroencephalographyKang, Dayoon; Kim, Jinsoo; Jang, Dong-Pyo; Cho, Yang Seok; Kim, Sung-PhilARTICLE531
2010-07Log' version vector: Logging version vectors concisely in dynamic replicationRoh, Hyun-Gul; Jeon, Myeongjae; Seo, Euiseong; Kim, Jinsoo; Lee, JoonwonARTICLE956
2011-20Mg and Fe Co-doped Mn Based Olivine Cathode Material for High Power CapabilityKim, Jongsoon; Park, Young-Uk; Seo, Dong-Hwa; Kim, Jinsoo; Kim, Sung-Wook; Kang, KisukARTICLE329
2017-07-14Modeling Firing Pattern of SA Afferents in Response to Constant Pressure StimulationPark, Jisung; Jung, Sung Jun; Kim, Jinsoo; Kim, Sung-PhilCONFERENCE103
2014-07Neuronal ensemble decoding using a dynamical maximum entropy modelSin, Duho; Kim, Jinsoo; Choi, Jee Hyun; Kim, Sung-PhilARTICLE855
2011-06Preparation and electrochemical characterization of doped spinel LiMn1.88Ge0.1Li0.02O4 cathode materialKim, Sung-Wook; Kumar, Vadam Ganesh; Seo, Dong-Hwa; Park, Young-Uk; Kim, Jinsoo; Kim, Haegyeom; Kim, Jongsoon; Hong, Jihyun; Kang, KisukARTICLE192
2013-11Solvent-Free Directed Patterning of a Highly Ordered Liquid Crystalline Organic Semiconductor via Template-Assisted Self-Assembly for Organic TransistorsKim, Aryeon; Jang, Kwang-Suk; Kim, Jinsoo; Won, Jong Chan; Yi, Mi Hye; Kim, Hanim; Yoon, Dong Ki; Shin, Tae Joo; Lee, Myong-Hoon; Ka, Jae-Won; Kim, Yun HoARTICLE183
2021-07Tailored Polymer Gate Dielectric Engineering to Optimize Flexible Organic Field-Effect Transistors and Complementary Integrated CircuitsPark, Hyunjin; Yoo, Sungmi; Ha, Jinha; Kim, Jinsoo; Mun, Hyun Jung; Shin, Tae Joo; Won, Jong Chan; Kim, Yun HoARTICLE89
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