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2019-09-25A Highly Stable Transparent Heating Stickers Using Ni/Ag Hybrid Microgrid ElectrodeLee, Kangmin; Seo, Kwanyong; Park, Jeonghwan; Kim, HyungwooCONFERENCE175
2020-11-09Controlling the spacing of tapered silicon microwire arrays via micro-sphere lithographyKim, Namwoo; Choi, Deokjae; Kim, Hyungwoo; Seo, KwanyongCONFERENCE57
2020-09Fabrication of Water-Repellent Platinum(II) Complex-Based Photon Downshifting Layers for Perovskite Solar Cells by Ultrasonic Spray DepositionHwang, Eunhye; Kim, Hyungwoo; Lee, Sang-Hak; Seo, Ji Hoon; Kim, Hyun-Tak; Lee, Chaiheon; Jang, Sung-Yeon; Seo, Kwanyong; Kwon, Tae-HyukARTICLE456
2018-04-20High-Performance Electrothermal and Anticorrosive Transparent HeaterLee, Kangmin; Park, Jeonghwan; Kim, Hyungwoo; Seo, KwanyongCONFERENCE131
2018-07High-performance electrothermal and anticorrosive transparent heating stickersLee, Kangmin; Park, Jeonghwan; Kim, Hyungwoo; Park, Han-Saem; Song, Hyun-Kon; Kim, Ka-Hyun; Seo, KwanyongARTICLE635
2020-03Progress in silicon microwire solar cellsUm, Han-Don; Lee, Kangmin; Hwang, Inchan; Park, Jeonghwan; Choi, Deokjae; Kim, Namwoo; Kim, Hyungwoo; Seo, KwanyongARTICLE238
2021-09Silicon Microwire Arrays with Nanoscale Spacing for Radial Junction c-Si Solar Cells with an Efficiency of 20.5%Kim, Namwoo; Choi, Deokjae; Kim, Hyungwoo; Um, Han-Don; Seo, KwanyongARTICLE75
2022-01Solvent-Additive Coordination Effect on Lead-Iodide Precursor for Enlarging Grain Size of Perovskite FilmKim, Hyungwoo; Seo, Ji Hoon; Palei, Srikanta; Seo, KwanyongARTICLE42
2019-09-24Solvent-Coordination Effect on PbI2 Precursor and High-Performance Perovskite Solar CellsKim, Hyungwoo; Seo, Kwanyong; Seo, Jihoon; Palei, SrikantaCONFERENCE155
2022-04Stability and Efficiency Enhancement of Perovskite Solar Cells Using Phenyltriethylammonium IodidePalei, Srikanta; Kim, Hyungwoo; Seo, Ji Hoon; Singh, Devendra; Seo, KwanyongARTICLE7
2020-08The Development of Transparent PhotovoltaicsLee, Kangmin; Um, Han-Don; Choi, Deokjae; Park, Jeonghwan; Kim, Namwoo; Kim, Hyungwoo; Seo, KwanyongARTICLE291
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11