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2021-07-01Abstract 1318: Mechanochemical dynamic therapy for focal cancer treatmentKim, Gun; Wu, Qiong; Chu, James L.; Smith, Emily J.; Oelze, Michael L.; Li, King C.; Moore, Jeffrey S.CONFERENCE142
2014-10Air-coupled detection of nonlinear Rayleigh surface waves in concrete-Application to microcracking detectionKim, Gun; In, Chi-Won; Kim, Jin-Yeon; Kurtis, Kimberly E.; Jacobs, Laurence J.ARTICLE449
2022-10Assessment of internal curing of cellulose microfibers-incorporated cement composites using destructive and nondestructive methodsGwon, Seongwoo; Ahn, Eunjong; Shin, Myoungsu; Kim, Jin-Yeon; Kim, GunARTICLE342
2014-01Blast-induced dynamic response on the interface of a multilayered pipelineWon, Jong Hwa; Kim, Moon Kyum; Kim, Gun; Cho, Seok HoARTICLE373
2020-02Characterization of orthotropic nature of cleavage planes in granitic rockKim, Gun; Jang, Jaewon; Kim, Kwang Yeom; Yun, Tae SupARTICLE373
2017-02Drying shrinkage in concrete assessed by nonlinear ultrasoundKim, Gun; Kim, Jin-Yeon; Kurtis, Kimberly E.; Jacobs, Laurence J.ARTICLE368
2022-08Early-stage assessment of drying shrinkage in Portland limestone cement concrete using nonlinear ultrasoundKim, Gun; Kurtis, KEARTICLE322
2022-05-12Geocement의 초속경 화학 반응에 대한 조사Park, Sungwoo; An, Jonsik; Kim, Gun; Pyo, SukhoonCONFERENCE146
2019-05High-intensity focused ultrasound-induced mechanochemical transduction in synthetic elastomersKim, Gun; Lau, Vivian M.; Halmes, Abigail J.; Oelze, Michael L.; Moore, Jeffrey S.; Li, King C.ARTICLE400
2018-08In situ nonlinear ultrasonic technique for monitoring microcracking in concrete subjected to creep and cyclic loadingKim, Gun; Loreto, Giovanni; Kim, Jin-Yeon; Kurtis, Kimberly E.; Wall, James J.; Jacobs, Laurence J.ARTICLE392
2012-12-06Local deformed diameter analysis of a pipe in rigid encasement for water-crossings applicationWon, Jong Hwa; Kim, Gun; Jung, Sam Dong; Park, Jung Won; Kim, Do Hak; Kim, Moon KyumCONFERENCE324
2015-03-16Measurement of nonlinear surface acoustic waves for damage characterization in concreteKim, Gun; Kim, Jin-Yeon; Kurtis, Kimberly E.; Jacobs, Laurence J.CONFERENCE265
2017-06Measuring Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) Microscale Damage in Large-Scale Concrete Slabs Using Nonlinear Rayleigh Surface WavesKim, Gun; Giannini, Eric; Klenke, Nathan; Kim, Jin-Yeon; Kurtis, Kimberly E.; Jacobs, Laurence J.ARTICLE409
2022-07-31Measuring material nonlinearity of concrete using nonlinear Rayleigh surface wavesAhn, Eunjong; Shin, Myoungsu; Kim, GunCONFERENCE146
2023-10Mitigating self-desiccation of cement composites via cellulose microfibers: Evidence of the microscopic behaviorRhee, Jeong Hoon; Gwon, Seongwoo; Sim, Sungwon; Kim, GunARTICLE188
2022-07-31Monitoring the effect of cellulose microfibers on internal curing of cement composites using linear and nonlinear resonance techniquesGwon, Seongwoo; Ahn, Eunjong; Shin, Myoungsu; Kim, GunCONFERENCE118
2023-06New Advances in Cement and Concrete ResearchKim, GunARTICLE214
2013-07-22Nondestructive detection and characterization of carbonation in concreteKim, Gun; In, Chi-Won; Kim, Jin-Yeon; Jacobs, Laurence J.; Kurtis, Kimberly E.CONFERENCE283
2022-03Noninvasive and Spatiotemporal Control of DNAzyme-Based Imaging of Metal Ions In Vivo Using High-Intensity Focused UltrasoundWang, Xiaojing; Kim, Gun; Chu, James L.; Song, Tingjie; Yang, Zhenglin; Guo, Weijie; Shao, Xiangli; Oelze, Michael L.; Li, King C.; Lu, YiARTICLE447
2018-10Nonlinear Rayleigh surface waves to characterize microscale damage due to alkali-silica reaction (ASR) in full-scale, nuclear concrete specimensKim, Gun; Park, Sangyun; Kim, Jin-Yeon; Kurtis, Kimberly E.; Hayes, Nolan W.; Jacobs, Laurence J.ARTICLE381
Showing results 1 to 20 of 40