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2019-05Brca2 abrogation engages with the alternative lengthening of telomeres via break-induced replicationKwon, Mi-Sun; Lee, Jennifer J.; Min, Jaewon; Hwang, Kwangwoo; Park, Seung Gu; Kim, Eun-Hye; Kim, Byung Chul; Bhak, Jong; Lee, HyunsookARTICLE378
2020-12Detection of association between periodontitis and polymorphisms of IL-1 beta+3954 and TNF-alpha-863 in the Korean population after controlling for confounding risk factorsKim, Hyun-Joo; Kim, Eun-Hye; Park, Ae Kyung; Shin, Yerang; Kang, Jihoon; Lim, Jaesung; Bhak, Jong; Lee, Ju-Youn; Kim, Byung Chul; Joo, Ji-YoungARTICLE226
2018-06Genomic analysis reveals secondary glioblastoma after radiotherapy in a subset of recurrent medulloblastomasPhi, Ji Hoon; Park, Ae Kyung; Lee, Semin; Choi, Seung Ah; Baek, In-Pyo; Kim, Pora; Kim, Eun-Hye; Park, Hee Chul; Kim, Byung Chul; Bhak, Jong; Park, Sung-Hye; Lee, Ji Yeoun; Wang, Kyu-Chang; Kim, Dong-Seok; Shim, Kyu Won; Kim, Se Hoon; Kim, Chae-Yong; Kim, Seung-KiARTICLE881
2018-11Grading system for periodontitis by analyzing levels of periodontal pathogens in salivaKim, Eun-Hye; Joo, Ji-Young; Lee, Yong Joo; Koh, Jae-Kwon; Choi, Jung-Hyeok; Shin, Yerang; Cho, Juok; Park, Eunha; Kang, Jihoon; Lee, Kyusang; Bhak, Jong; Kim, Byung Chul; Lee, Ju-YounARTICLE624
2014-06New Lung Cancer Panel for High-Throughput Targeted ResequencingKim, Eun-Hye; Lee, Sunghoon; Park, Jongsun; Lee, Kyusang; Kim, Byung Chul; Bhak, Jong HwaARTICLE821
2020-11Prediction of Chronic Periodontitis Severity Using Machine Learning Models Based On Salivary Bacterial Copy NumberKim, Eun-Hye; Kim, Seunghoon; Kim, Hyun-Joo; Jeong, Hyoung-oh; Lee, Jaewoong; Jang, Jinho; Joo, Ji-Young; Shin, Yerang; Kang, Jihoon; Park, Ae Kyung; Lee, Ju-Youn; Lee, SeminARTICLE187
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6