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2011-08Close-packed poly(methyl methacrylate) nanoparticle arrays-coated polyethylene separators for high-power lithium-ion polymer batteriesPark, Jang-Hoon; Park, Woong; Kim, Jong Hun; Ryoo, Dongjo; Kim, Hoon Sik; Jeong, Yeon Uk; Kim, Dong-Won; Lee, Sang-YoungARTICLE874
2011-08Cycling performance and thermal stability of lithium polymer cells assembled with ionic liquid-containing gel polymer electrolytesYun, Ye Sun; Kim, Jin Hee; Lee, Sang-Young; Shim, Eun-Gi; Kim, Dong-WonARTICLE724
2011-08Effect of a novel amphipathic ionic liquid on lithium deposition in gel polymer electrolytesChoi, Nam-Soon; Koo, Bonjae; Yeon, Jin-Tak; Lee, Kyu Tae; Kim, Dong-WonARTICLE1122
2010-09Effect of phase inversion on microporous structure development of Al2O3/poly(vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene)-based ceramic composite separators for lithium-ion batteriesJeong, Hyun-Seok; Kim, Dong-Won; Jeong, Yeon Uk; Lee, Sang-YoungARTICLE838
2010-11Lithium metal polymer cells assembled with gel polymer electrolytes containing ionic liquidYun, Ye Sun; Song, Seung-Wan; Lee, Sang-Young; Kim, Sang-Hern; Kim, Dong-WonARTICLE787
2017-04Methane steam reforming in a membrane reactor using high-permeable and low-selective Pd-Ru membraneKim, Chang-Hyun; Han, Jae-Yun; Lim, Hankwon; Kim, Dong-Won; Ryi, Shin-KunARTICLE268
2011-12Quasi-solid-state electric double layer capacitors assembled with sulfonated poly(fluorenyl ether nitrile oxynaphthalate) membranesSeong, Yul-Hwan; Choi, Nam-Soon; Kim, Dong-WonARTICLE716
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7