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2021-11Circulating Tumor Cell Clusters Are Cloaked with Platelets and Correlate with Poor Prognosis in Unresectable Pancreatic CancerLim, Minji; Park, Suhyun; Jeong, Hyoung-Oh; Park, Sung Hee; Kumar, Sumit; Jang, Aelee; Lee, Semin; Kim, Dong Uk; Cho, Yoon-KyoungARTICLE81
2020-11Circulating Tumor Cells and TWIST Expression in Patients with Metastatic Gastric CancerJhi, Joon Hyung; Kim, Gwang Ha; Park, Su Jin; Kim, Dong Uk; Lee, Moon Won; Lee, Bong Eun; Kwon, Chae Hwa; Cho, Yoon-KyoungARTICLE173
2021-10Circulating Tumor Cells and TWIST Expression in Patients with Metastatic Gastric Cancer: A Preliminary StudyJhi, Joon Hyung; Kim, Gwang Ha; Park, Su Jin; Kim, Dong Uk; Lee, Moon Won; Lee, Bong Eun; Kwon, Chae Hwa; Cho, Yoon-KyoungARTICLE218
2021-10-11End-to-end detection and pose estimation of two interacting handsKim, Dong Uk; Kim, Kwang In; Baek, SeungryulCONFERENCE111
2007-01Green and red electrophosphorescent devices consisting of cabazole/triarylamine-based polymers doped with iridium complexesWang, Hui; Ryu, Jeong-Tak; Kim, Dong Uk; Han, Yoon Soo; Park, Lee Soon; Cho, Ho-Young; Lee, Sam-Jong; Kwon, YounghwanARTICLE609
2021-11-05Integrated Photoacoustic and Ultrasonic Endoscopy as a New Tool for the Early Diagnosis of Malignant Biliary StrictureHan, Sung Yong; Park, Sung Hee; Jeon, Da Ye; Kim, Dong Uk; Kim, Ki Sik; Youm, Jinyoung; Kim, Minjae; Yang, Joon Mo; Lee, Tae BeomCONFERENCE56
2013-03Overview of the KoRIA Facility for Rare Isotope BeamsAhn, Jung Keun; Bak, Sang In; Blumenfeld, Yorick; Chai, Jong-Seo; Cheon, Byung-Gu; Cheoun, Myung-Ki; Cho, Donghyun; Cho, Yong Sub; Choi, Bong Hyuk; Choi, Chang Ill; Choi, EunMi; Choi, Hyo Jung; Choi, Min Sik; Choi, Seonho; Choi, Tae Keun; Choi, Yeon Suk; Chung, Kie Hyung; Ha, Eun Ja; Ha, Jang Ho; Hahn, In Sik; Han, Jae Min; Han, Jang Min; Hong, Byungsik; Hong, Seung-Woo; Hong, Wan; Hwang, Sang Hoon; Hyun, Chang Ho; Jang, Doh Yun; Jang, Jaeho; Jeon, Dong-o; Jeong, Doo; Jeong, Sun-Chan; Jhang, Genie; Joo, Eunah; Kadi, Yacine; Kang, Byoung Hwi; Kang, Hoon Su; Kim, Aram; Kim, Do Yoon; Kim, Dong Lak; Kim, Dong Uk; Kim, Eun Joo; Kim, Gi Dong; Kim, Hyun-Chul; Kim, In Gyu; Kim, Jong Tae; Kim, Jong Won; Kim, Joon Kon; Kim, Sang-Ho; Kim, Sang-hoon; Kim, Sung Hyun; Kim, Wooyoung; Kim, Yong Kyun; Ko, Seung Kook; Kwon, Myeun; Kwon, Young Kwan; Lee, Bo Young; Lee, Byoung Noh; Lee, Chang Hwan; Lee, Cheol Woo; Lee, Chun Sik; Lee, Kyong Sei; Lee, Hee Jung; Lee, Hee-Seock; Lee, Hyo Sang; Lee, Ju Hahn; Lee, Kang Ok; Lee, Kang Seog; Lee, Sang Duk; Lee, Seok Kwan; Lee, Su Houng; Lee, Young Sung; Lee, Young-Ouk; Lee, Yong Yung; Manchanda, Vijay K.; Moon, Chang Bum; Nam, Seung-il; Namkung, Won; Nolen, Jerry A.; Oh, Byung Hoon; Oh, Jin Hwan; Oh, Yongseok; Park, Byung Yoon; Park, Jin Ah; Park, Jin Yong; Park, Ki Hyeon; Park, Se Hwan; Park, Tae-Sun; Park, Woo-Yoon; Ryu, Chung Yeol; Ryu, Min Sang; Ryu, Sun Young; Sakai, Hideyuki; Seo, Hee Jeong; Shin, Jae Won; Shin, Seung Wook; Sigg, Peter; Sim, Kwang Souk; So, Woon Young; Song, Ho Seung; Song, Tae Yung; Suh, Byoung Jin; Tenreiro, Claudio; Tong, Zhou; Tribble, Robert E.; Woo, Hyung Ju; Yano, Yasushige; Yang, Hae-Ryong; Yang, Young Ku; Yeon, Yeong Heum; Yi, Won Ju; Yu, Byung Geel; Yu, Dai Hyuk; Yoo, In-Kwon; Yu, Seon Young; Yun, Chong CheoulARTICLE1090
2005-12Synthesis and electroluminescent properties of novel emissive iridium complex with phenyl-isoquinoline ligandKim, Dong Uk; Paik, Seoung-Hey; Kim, Sung-Hoon; Tak, Yoon-Heung; Kim, Sang-Dae; Kim, Ki-Dong; Kim, Kwang-Hyun; Jung, Young Chul; Park, Lee SoonARTICLE569
2003-08Synthesis of conjugated copolymers containing phenothiazinylene vinylene moieties and their electrooptic propertiesHan, Yoon Soo; Kim, Sang Dae; Park, Lee Soon; Kim, Dong Uk; Kwon, YounghwanARTICLE606
2011-11Synthesis of New Conjugated Polymers as Hole Injection Layer and Performance of OLED DevicesYoo, Tae Wook; Park, Chul; Nguyen Thi Mai; Kim, Dong Uk; Park, Lee SoonARTICLE772
2014-02Ultra-wideband CMOS signal generator using tunable linear superpositionKim, Jae Joon; Kim, Dong UkMaster's thesis970
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