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2016-12Manipulation of electronic structure via alteration of local orbital environment in [(SrIrO3)(m),(SrTiO3)](m=1, 2, and infinity) superlatticesKim, So Yeun; Kim, Choong H.; Sandilands, L. J.; Sohn, C. H.; Matsuno, J.; Takagi, H.; Kim, K. W.; Lee, Y. S.; Moon, S. J.; Noh, T. W.ARTICLE164
2016-01Spin-orbit coupling induced band structure change and orbital character of epitaxial IrO2 filmsKim, Woo Jin; Kim, So Yeun; Kim, Choong H.; Sohn, Chang Hee; Korneta, O. B.; Chae, Seung Chul; Noh, Tae WonARTICLE190
2013-06Temperature Evolution of Itinerant Ferromagnetism in SrRuO3 Probed by Optical SpectroscopyJeong, D. W.; Choi, Hong Chul; Kim, Choong H.; Chang, Seo Hyoung; Sohn, C. H.; Park, H. J.; Kang, T. D.; Cho, Deok-Yong; Baek, S. H.; Eom, C. B.; Shim, J. H.; Yu, J.; Kim, K. W.; Moon, S. J.; Noh, T. W.ARTICLE136
2019-10Theoretical evidence of spin-orbital-entangled Jeff=1/2 state in the 3d transition metal oxide CuAl2O4Kim, Choong H.; Baidya, Santu; Cho, Hwanbeom; Gapontsev, Vladimir V.; Streltsov, Sergey V.; Khomskii, Daniel I.; Park, Je-Geun; Go, Ara; Jin, HosubARTICLE188
2019-05Two-dimensional Peierls instability via zone-boundary Dirac line nodes in layered perovskite oxidesPark, Jin-Hong; Lee, Seung Hun; Kim, Choong H.; Jin, Hosub; Yang, Bohm-JungARTICLE134
2019-04Unconventional spin-phonon coupling via the Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interactionSon, Jaeseok; Park, Byung Cheol; Kim, Choong H.; Cho, Hwanbeom; Kim, So Yeun; Sandilands, Luke J.; Sohn, Chang Hee; Park, Je-Geun; Moon, Soon Jae; Noh, Tae WonARTICLE209
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6