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2012-12355, 532, and 1064 nm picosecond laser interaction with grass tissuesKim, Jaehun; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE999
2005-08A numerical method for multiphase incompressible thermal flows with solid-liquid and liquid-vapor phase transformationsKi, Hyungson; Mohanty, P.S.; Mazumder, J.ARTICLE683
2017-11A study of keyhole behavior and weldability in zero-gap laser welding of zinc-coated steel sheets at subatmospheric pressuresKim, Jaehun; Oh, Sehyeok; Son, Myeonggyun; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE1747
2015-11A study of keyhole geometry in laser welding of zinc-coated and uncoated steels using a coaxial observation methodKim, Jaehun; Oh, Sehyeok; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE1076
2011-10-23A study of laser albation near the critical pointKi, HyungsonCONFERENCE133
2013-07-23A study of laser beam absorption using the FDTD methodKi, Hyungson; NoneCONFERENCE89
2013-07-23A Study of Laser Heat Treatability of Steel SheetsKi, Hyungson; NoneCONFERENCE101
2017-07A unified momentum equation approach for computing flow-induced stresses in structures with arbitrarily-shaped stationary boundariesYeo, Haram; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE1375
2018-03A unified momentum equation approach for computing thermal residual stresses during melting and solidificationYeo, Haram; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE865
2022-03Accurate prediction of the particle image velocimetry flow field and rotor thrust using deep learningOh, Sehyeok; Lee, Seungcheol; Son, Myeonggyun; Kim, Jooha; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE35
2013-01CO2 and Er:YAG laser interaction with grass tissuesKim, Jaehun; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE945
2009-11Computation of flow induced stresses in a structure using a hybrid momentum equation approachGattu, Jagadish; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE770
2015-08Controlling thermal deformation using a heat sink in laser heat treatment of carbon steel sheetsKi, Hyungson; Kim, SanseoMaster's thesis1010
2015-02Controlling thermal deformation using a heat sink in laser transformation hardening of steel sheetsKim, Sanseo; So, Sangwoo; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE956
2020-04Cross-Section Bead Image Prediction in Laser Keyhole Welding of AISI 1020 Steel Using Deep Learning ArchitecturesOh, Sehyeok; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE274
2022-02Deep learning approach to predict crystalline phase of femtosecond laser processed silicon waferKi, Hyungson; Kim, Hyun KyungMaster's thesis52
2020-08Deep learning for laser materials processing and self-piercing rivetingKi, Hyungson; Oh, SehyeokDoctoral thesis511
2021-11-25Deep learning model for predicting cross-sectional joint shape in a self-piercing riveting processOh, Sehyeok; Kim, Hyun Kyung; Jeong, T.-E.; Kam, D.-H.; Ki, HyungsonCONFERENCE65
2019-05Deep learning model for predicting hardness distribution in laser heat treatment of AISI H13 tool steelOh, Sehyeok; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE591
2021-06Deep-learning approach for predicting laser-beam absorptance in full-penetration laser keyhole weldingOh, Sehyeok; Kim, Hyeongwon; Nam, Kimoon; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE142
Showing results 1 to 20 of 104