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2022-11A deep learning model using geostationary satellite data for forest fire detection with reduced detection latencyKang, Yoojin; Jang, Eunna; Im, Jungho; Kwon, ChungeunARTICLE157
2019-02Detection and monitoring of forest fires using Himawari-8 geostationary satellite data in South KoreaJang, Eunna; Kang, Yoojin; Im, Jungho; Lee, Dong-Won; Yoon, Jongmin; Kim, Sang-KyunARTICLE715
2020-11Developing a New Hourly Forest Fire Risk Index Based on Catboost in South KoreaKang, Yoojin; Jang, Eunna; Im, Jungho; Kwon, Chungeun; Kim, SungyongARTICLE382
2022-10Development of Mid-range Forecast Models of Forest Fire Risk Using Machine LearningPark, Sumin; Son, Bokyung; Im, Jungho; Kang, Yoojin; Kwon, Chungeun; Kim, SungyongARTICLE285
2020-02Estimating ground-level particulate matter concentrations using satellite-based data: a reviewShin, Minso; Kang, Yoojin; Park, Seohui; Im, Jungho; Yoo, Cheolhee; Quackenbush, Lindi J.ARTICLE631
2021-12Estimation of Leaf Area Index Based on Machine Learning/PROSAIL Using Optical Satellite ImageryLee, Jaese; Kang, Yoojin; Son, Bokyung; Im, Jungho; Jang, KeunchangARTICLE343
2021-11Estimation of surface-level NO2 and O-3 concentrations using TROPOMI data and machine learning over East AsiaKang, Yoojin; Choi, Hyunyoung; Im, Jungho; Park, Seohui; Shin, Minso; Song, Chang-Keun; Kim, SangminARTICLE269
2021-04Estimation of TROPOMI-derived Ground-level SO2 Concentrations Using Machine Learning Over East AsiaChoi, Hyunyoung; Kang, Yoojin; Im, JunghoARTICLE551
2018-04-12Forest fire detection and monitoring in South Korea using geostationary meteorological satellite dataJang, Eunna; Im, Jungho; Kang, YoojinCONFERENCE247
2022-01Improved retrievals of aerosol optical depth and fine mode fraction from GOCI geostationary satellite data using machine learning over East AsiaKang, Yoojin; Kim, Miae; Kang, Eunjin; Cho, Dongjin; Im, JunghoARTICLE271
2018-12-11Machine learning apporaches to wildfire detection using geostationary satellite dataKang, Yoojin; Im, Jungho; Jang, KunnaCONFERENCE241
2018-05-11Machine learning apporaches to wildfire detection using geostationary satellite dataKang, Yoojin; Jang, Kunna; Im, JunghoCONFERENCE298
2023-02Machine learning-based wildfire monitoring and characterization using geostationary satellite dataIm, Jungho; Kang, YoojinDoctoral thesis155
2020-10Monitoring Ground-level SO2 Concentrations Based on a Stacking Ensemble Approach Using Satellite Data and Numerical ModelsChoi, Hyunyoung; Kang, Yoojin; Im, Jungho; Park, Seohui; Shin, Minso; Kim, Sang-MinARTICLE507
2018-05-11Monitoring of overshooting tops over East Asia using Himawari-8 data and machine learning approaches?Lee, Juhyun; Kim, Miae; Im, Jungho; Kang, YoojinCONFERENCE247
2023-04Retrieval of hourly PM2.5 using top-of-atmosphere reflectance from geostationary ocean color imagers I and IIChoi, Hyunyoung; Park, Seonyoung; Kang, Yoojin; Im, Jungho; Song, SanghyeonARTICLE98
2021-10Sensitivity analysis for CAS500-4 atmospheric correction using simulated images and suggestion of the use of geostationary satellite-based atmospheric parametersKang, Yoojin; Cho, Dongjin; Han, Daehyeon; Im, Jungho; Lim, Joongbi; Oh, Kum-hui; Kwon, EonhyeARTICLE300
2020-10Wildfire Severity Mapping Using Sentinel Satellite Data Based on Machine Learning ApproachesSim, Seongmun; Kim, Woohyeok; Lee, Jaese; Kang, Yoojin; Im, Jungho; Kwon, Chunguen; Kim, SungyongARTICLE301
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18