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2017-01A model intercomparison of the tropical precipitation response to a CO2 doubling in aquaplanet simulationsSeo, Jeongbin; Kang, Sarah M.; Merlis, Timothy M.ARTICLE764
2015-10-13A model intercomparison of the tropical response to CO2 doubling in aquaplanet simulationsKang, Sarah M.; Seo, Jeongbin; Held, Isaac M.; Merlis, TimCONFERENCE76
2013-06Anthropogenic sulfate aerosol and the southward shift of tropical precipitation in the late 20th centuryHwang, Yen-Ting; Frierson, Dargan M. W.; Kang, Sarah M.ARTICLE763
2015-01Arctic greening can cause earlier seasonality of Arctic amplificationChae, Yoojeong; Kang, Sarah M.; Jeong, Su-Jong; Kim, Baekmin; Frierson, Dargan M. W.ARTICLE1584
2017-10Common Warming Pattern Emerges Irrespective of Forcing LocationKang, Sarah M.; Park, Kiwoong; Jin, Fei-Fei; Stuecker, Malte FARTICLE779
2017-09Connecting tropical climate change with Southern Ocean heat uptakeHwang, Yen-Ting; Xie, Shang-Ping; Deser, Clara; Kang, Sarah M.ARTICLE561
2018-04Contrasting Impacts of Radiative Forcing in the Southern Ocean versus Southern Tropics on ITCZ Position and Energy Transport in One GFDL Climate ModelXiang, Baoqiang; Zhao, Ming; Ming, Yi; Yu, Weidong; Kang, Sarah M.ARTICLE774
2018-04Contrasting Local and Remote Impacts of Surface Heating on Polar Warming and AmplificationPark, Kiwoong; Kang, Sarah M.; Kim, Doyeon; Stuecker, Malte F.; Jin, Fei-FeiARTICLE564
2014-04Contrasting the tropical responses to zonally asymmetric extratropical and tropical thermal forcingKang, Sarah M.; Held, Isaac M.; Xie, Shang-PingARTICLE845
2018-11Contrasting Tropical Climate Response Pattern to Localized Thermal Forcing Over Different Ocean BasinsKang, Sarah M.; Park, Kiwoong; Hwang, Yen-Ting; Hsiao, Wei-TingARTICLE541
2013-11Contribution of ocean overturning circulation to tropical rainfall peak in the Northern HemisphereFrierson, Dargan M.W.; Hwang, Yen-Ting; Fuckar, Neven S.; Seager, Richard; Kang, Sarah M.; Donohoe, Aaron; Maroon, Elizabeth A.; Liu, Xiaojuan; Battisti, David S.ARTICLE891
2015-03Croll revisited: Why is the northern hemisphere warmer than the southern hemisphere?Kang, Sarah M.; Seager, Richard; Frierson, Dargan M. W.; Liu, XiaojuanARTICLE976
2017-12Dependence of Arctic climate on the latitudinal position of stationary waves and to high-latitudes surface warmingShin, Yechul; Kang, Sarah M.; Watanabe, MasahiroARTICLE695
2014-07-30Dependence of Climate Response on the Meridional Structure of External Thermal ForcingKang, Sarah M.CONFERENCE31
2014-07Dependence of climate response on meridional structure of external thermal forcingKang, Sarah M.; Xie, Shang-PingARTICLE748
2016-07-05Dependence of climate response to Arctic warming on the latitudinal position of stationary wavesKang, Sarah M.; Shin, Yechul; Watanabe, MasahiroCONFERENCE71
2013-07-01Dependence of Climate Sensitivity on Meridional Structure of Thermal ForcingKang, Sarah M.CONFERENCE24
2021-08Disentangling the effect of regional surface heat flux bias on the double-ITCZ problemKang, Sarah M.; Lee, JiheunMaster's thesis24
2020-10-29Distinct Surface Warming Response Over the Eastern vs Western Equatorial PacificPark, Chanyoung; Kang, Sarah M.CONFERENCE39
2018-12-13Distinct tropical climate response to subpolar energy perturbations from the Northern or Southern HemisphereKang, Sarah M.; Xie, Shang-Ping; Shin, Yechul; Xiang, Baoqiang; Stuecker, Malte F; Hawcroft, Matt; Hwang, Yen-TingCONFERENCE76
Showing results 1 to 20 of 76