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2021-05-27Carbon nanotube (CNT)/polyaide6 (PA6) composite N-type thermoelectric device with a segregated network formed by glass bubblesKang, Gu-Hyeok; Park, Young-BinCONFERENCE100
2016-05Characterization of thermoelectric properties of multifunctional multiscale composites and fiber-reinforced composites for thermal energy harvestingSung, Dae Han; Kang, Gu-Hyeok; Kong, Kyungul; Kim, Myungsoo; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Young-BinARTICLE949
2021-02Design and Fabrication of Thermoelectric, Self-sensing Sandwich CompositesPark, Young-Bin; Kang, Gu-HyeokDoctoral thesis454
2021-11-11Design and Fabrication of Thermoelectric, Self-sensing Sandwich CompositesKang, Gu-Hyeok; Park, Young-BinCONFERENCE96
2012-11Design, manufacturing, and characterization of high-performance lightweight bipolar plates based on carbon nanotube-exfoliated graphite nanoplatelet hybrid nanocompositesKim, Myungsoo; Kang, Gu-Hyeok; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Young-Bin; Park, Yeon Ho; Yoon, Kwan HanARTICLE1085
2013-05-23Extrusion and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Nanoplatelet Polypropylene Composite FilmsPark, Young-Bin; Kim, Byeong Joo; Deka, Biplab K.; Kang, Gu-Hyeok; Hwang, Sang-Ha; Jeong, In-Chan; Choi, Dong-Hyuk; Son, Dong-IlCONFERENCE223
2022-06Formation of Y3Fe5O12 matrix including epsilon-phase Fe2O3 with the giant coercive field via optimized sol-gel methodJang, Min-Sun; Ok, Hye-Jin; Oh, Inseon; Kang, Gu-Hyeok; Yoo, Jung-Woo; Lee, Ki-SukARTICLE217
2018-12Interfacial control through ZnO nanorod growth on plasma-treated carbon fiber for multiscale reinforcement of carbon fiber/polyamide 6 compositesKim, Byeong-Joo; Cha, Sang-Hyup; Kang, Gu-Hyeok; Kong, Kyungil; Ji, Wooseok; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Young-BinARTICLE812
2022-10Manufacturing, thermoforming, and recycling of glass fiber/ PET/ PET foam sandwich composites: DOE analysis of recycled materialsKang, Gu-Hyeok; Joung, Chanwoo; Kim, Hye-Gyu; Im, Seongwoo; Kang, Soo-Chang; Ji, Wooseok; Park, Young-BinARTICLE86
2013-05-23Processing and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube-Graphene Nanoplatelet-Epoxy Hybrid Composites for Fuel Cell Bipolar PlatesPark, Young-Bin; Kang, Gu-Hyeok; Kim, Myungsoo; Park, Hyung Wook; Oh, Aeri; Kim, Hee JuneCONFERENCE176
2013-09-11Processing and Characterization of Continuous Carbon Fiber-Thermoplastic Composites Reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes and Exfoliated Graphite NanoplateletsPark, Young-Bin; Kim, Byeong-Joo; Deka, Biplab K.; Kang, Gu-Hyeok; Kim, Hye Gyu; Park, Hyung Wook; Oh, Aeri; Kim, Hee JuneCONFERENCE178
2021-06-24Property evaluation according to CNT wt% of PU Foam in sandwich structure sensorCho, Gyu-Eun; Kang, Gu-Hyeok; Park, Young-BinCONFERENCE95
2013-05-29Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Structures Using Percolated Carbon Nanotube NetworkPark, Young-Bin; Jung, Yeong-Tae; Kim, Byung Joo; Kang, Gu-HyeokCONFERENCE196
2015-11-10열에너지 수확용 멀티스케일 및 섬유강화 복합재의 열전 특성 평가Sung, Dae Han; Kang, Gu-Hyeok; Kong, Kyungil; Kim, Myungsoo; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Young-BinCONFERENCE180
2015-04탄소나노튜브 및 마이크로 글래스 버블 기반 열전 복합재Kang, Gu-Hyeok; Seong, Kwangwon; Kim, Myungsoo; Kim, In Guk; Bang, In Cheol; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Young-BinARTICLE1291
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15