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2000-10Characterization of active-site residues of the NIa protease from tobacco vein mottling virusHwang, DC; Kim, DH; Lee, JS; Kang, Byoung Heon; Han, J; Kim, W; Song, BD; Choi, KYARTICLE606
1996-07Characterization of Nla protease from turnip mosaic potyvirus exhibiting a low-temperature optimum catalytic activityKim, DH; Hwang, D; Kang, Byoung Heon; Lew, J; Choi, KYARTICLE506
2014-06Combination treatment with doxorubicin and gamitrinib synergistically augments anticancer activity through enhanced activation of BimPark, Hye-Kyung; Lee, Ji-Eun; Lim, Jaehwa; Jo, Da-Eun; Park, Soo-Ah; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Kang, Byoung HeonARTICLE714
2009-03Combinatorial drug design targeting multiple cancer signaling networks controlled by mitochondrial Hsp90Kang, Byoung Heon; Plescia, Janet; Song, Ho Young; Meli, Massimiliano; Colombo, Giorgio; Beebe, Kristin; Scroggins, Bradley; Neckers, Len; Altieri, Dario C.ARTICLE569
2009-10Compartmentalized cancer drug discovery targeting mitochondrial Hsp90 chaperonesKang, Byoung Heon; Altieri, D. C.ARTICLE562
2014-12Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of Trap1 complexed with Hsp90 inhibitorsKang, Byoung Heon; Jeong, Hanbin; Lee, ChangwookARTICLE860
2015-02Cytotoxic effects of Tenebrio molitor larval extracts against hepatocellular carcinomaLee, ji-Eun; Lee, An-Jung; Jo, Da-Eun; Cho, Ju Hyeong; Youn, Kumju; Yun, Eun-Young; Hwang, Jae-Sam; Jun, Mira; Kang, Byoung HeonARTICLE1135
2015-04Development of a Mitochondria-Targeted Hsp90 Inhibitor Based on the Crystal Structures of Human TRAP1Lee, Changwook; Park, Hye-Kyung; Jeong, Hanbin; Lim, Jaehwa; Lee, An-Jung; Cheon, Keun Young; Kim, Chul-Su; Thomas, Ajesh P.; Bae, Boram; Kim, Nam Doo; Kim, Seong Heon; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Ja-Hyoung; Kang, Byoung HeonARTICLE876
2015-04-18Development of Hsp90 paralog specific inhibitors with mitochondrial drug delivery systemKang, Byoung HeonCONFERENCE901
2011-05Developmental Control of Apoptosis by the Immunophilin Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor-interacting Protein (AIP) Involves Mitochondrial Import of the Survivin ProteinKang, Byoung Heon; Xia, Fang; Pop, Ramona; Dohi, Takehiko; Socolovsky, Merav; Altieri, Dario C.ARTICLE600
2020-01Discovery of 2-((4-resorcinolyl)-5-aryl-1,2,3-triazol-1-yl)acetates as potent Hsp90 inhibitors with selectivity over TRAP1Jung, Sejin; Yoon, Nam Gu; Yang, Sujae; Kim, Darong; Lee, Won Seok; Hong, Ki Bum; Lee, Changwook; Kang, Byoung Heon; Lee, Ji Hoon; Kang, SoosungARTICLE60
2020-03Dual Binding to Orthosteric and Allosteric Sites Enhances the Anticancer Activity of a TRAP1-Targeting DrugHu, Sung; Ferraro, Mariarosaria; Thomas, Ajesh P.; Chung, Jeong Min; Yoon, Nam Gu; Seol, Ji-Hoon; Kim, Sangpil; Kim, Han-Ul; An, Mi Young; Ok, Haewon; Jung, Hyun Suk; Ryu, Ja-Hyoung; Colombo, Giorgio; Kang, Byoung HeonARTICLE12
1996-12Effects of internal cleavages and mutations in the C-terminal region of NIa protease of turnip mosaic potyvirus on the catalytic activityKim, DH; Hwang, DC; Kang, Byoung Heon; Lew, J; Han, JS; Song, BOD; Choi, KYARTICLE633
1998-02Effects of mutations in the C-terminal region of NIa protease on cis-cleavage between NIa and NIbKim, DH; Han, JS; Lew, JS; Kim, SS; Kang, Byoung Heon; Hwang, DC; Jang, DS; Kim, W; Song, BD; Choi, KYARTICLE675
2014-11Hepatoprotective and antineoplastic properties of Protaetia brevitarsis larvaeLee, Ji-Eun; Jo, Da-Eun; Lee, An-Jung; Park, Hye-Kyung; Youn, Kumju; Yun, Eun-Young; Hwang, Jae-Sam; Jun, Mira; Kang, Byoung HeonARTICLE571
2008-02Hsp60 regulation of tumor cell apoptosisGhosh, Jagadish C.; Dohi, Takehiko; Kang, Byoung Heon; Altieri, Dario C.ARTICLE565
1996-12Inhibition studies on the nuclear inclusion protein a protease of turnip mosaic potyvirus C5Kim, DH; Kang, Byoung Heon; Hwang, DC; Kim, SS; Kwon, TI; Choi, KYARTICLE573
2019-04Interplay between TRAP1 and sirtuin-3 modulates mitochondrial respiration and oxidative stress to maintain stemness of glioma stem cellsPark, Hye-Kyung; Hong, Jun-Hee; Oh, Young Taek; Kim, Sung Soo; Yin, Jinlong; Lee, An-Jung; Chae, Young Chan; Kim, Jong Heon; Park, Sung-Hye; Park, Chul-Kee; Park, Myung-Jin; Park, Jong Bae; Kang, Byoung HeonARTICLE225
2019-10Mitochondrial Heat Shock Protein-Guided Photodynamic TherapyThomas, Ajesh P.; Lee, An-Jung; Palanikumar, L; Jana, Batakrishna; Kim, Kibeom; Kim, Sangpil; Ok, Haewon; Seol, Jihoon; Kim, Dongseok; Kang, Byoung Heon; Ryu, Ja-HyoungARTICLE142
2014-06Mitochondrial Hsp90s suppress calcium-mediated stress signals propagating from mitochondria to the ER in cancer cellsPark, Hye-Kyung; Lee, Ji-Eun; Lim, Jaehwa; Kang, Byoung HeonARTICLE637
Showing results 1 to 20 of 39