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2011-04Activation of Ultrathin Oxide Films for Chemical Reaction by Interface DefectsJung, Jaehoon; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Kim, Yousoo; Kawai, MakiARTICLE510
2012-09Combined Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and High-Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Study on the Adsorption State of CO on Ag(001)Arafune, Ryuichi; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Jung, Jaehoon; Minamitani, Emi; Takagi, Noriaki; Kim, Yousoo; Kawai, MakiARTICLE475
2014-09Controlling Dissociation Reaction of a Water Molecule on Ultrathin filmJung, Jaehoon; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Kawai, Maki; Kim, YousooARTICLE471
2010-08Controlling water dissociation on an ultrathin MgO film by tuning film thicknessJung, Jaehoon; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Kim, Yousoo; Kawai, MakiARTICLE448
2013-07Effects of national forest inventory plot location error on forest carbon stock estimation using k-nearest neighbor algorithmJung, Jaehoon; Kim, Sangpil; Hong, Sungchul; Kim, Kyoungmin; Kim, Eunsook; Im, Jungho; Heo, JoonARTICLE705
2016-02Lateral Hopping of CO on Ag(110) by Multiple Overtone ExcitationOh, Junepyo; Lim, Hyunseob; Arafune, Ryuichi; Jung, Jaehoon; Kawai, Maki; Kim,YousooARTICLE537
2012-06Ligand Field Effect at Oxiide-Metal Interface on the Chemical Reactivity of Ultrathin Oxide Film SurfaceJung, Jaehoon; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Kim, Yousoo; Kawai, MakiARTICLE511
2010-05State-selective dissociation of a single water molecule on an ultrathin MgO filmShin, Hyung-Joon; Jung, Jaehoon; Motobayashi, Kenta; Yanagisawa, Susumu; Morikawa, Yoshitada; Kim, Yousoo; Kawai, MakiARTICLE611
2015-10Structurally driven one-dimensional electron confinement in sub-5-nm graphene nanowrinklesLim, Hyunseob; Jung, Jaehoon; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Kim, YousooARTICLE568
2017-02Super-Antireflective Structure Films with Precisely Controlled Refractive Index ProfileChoi, Kiwoon; Yoon, Youngwoon; Jung, Jaehoon; Ahn, Chi Won; Lee, Gil Ju; Song, Young Min; Ko, Min Jae; Lee, Han Sup; Kim, BongSoo; Kang, Il-SukARTICLE181
Showing results 1 to 10 of 10